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On the Delegate Selection Process in Tennessee

Fifty-five Tennessee delegates to the Republican National Convention will be chosen in Tuesday’s statewide voting, while the state’s 91 delegates to the Democratic National Convention will be chosen through a convention procedure.
Republicans thus have several potential decisions to make on the statewide ballot as they choose between both presidential candidates and delegates.
Democrats on the other hand have only one candidate on the presidential primary ballot — Barack Obama — and no delegate decisions.
In the GOP process, 55 of the 58 total Tennessee delegates will be bound to vote on the first two convention ballots for a designated presidential candidate. The three exceptions are state Chairman Chris Devaney, National Committeeman John Ryder and National Committeewoman Peggy Lambert — all who get their delegate slots automatically by virtue of their position. Under party rules, they are free to vote for anyone they wish.

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Where Do Fiscal Notes Come From?

Andrea Zelinski raises and answers that question in a TNReport article. Included are comments from legislators who question the soundness of the process for estimating how much a bill would cost state government.
An excerpt:
But while many lawmakers regard fiscal notes as reliable estimates of government costs, they are anything but error-proof, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, even sometimes colored by politics. The staff who develop the estimates rely on a series of judgment calls and information from a variety of sources, including state agencies which have been known to exaggerate the effects of bills they may dislike, some lawmakers say.
“If (departments) don’t want to do something, they give us an inflated fiscal note,” said Rep. Tony Shipley, R-Kingsport, who sits on the Fiscal Review Committee overseeing the office that develops the price tags. “Conversely, I suspect, if it’s something they wanted to do, they would deflate the fiscal note.”
“The fiscal notes are only as good as the information that’s given to the fiscal committee,” said House Democratic Caucus Leader Craig Fitzhugh who echoed that some departments tend to tweak their estimates depending on their view of a bill.

Look back note: A story on the same Fiscal Reviewing subject, written a couple of years ago, is HERE.