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No Presidential Exit Polling in TN, 18 Other States

Breaking from two decades of tradition, this year’s election exit poll is set to include surveys of voters in 31 states, not all 50 as it has for the past five presidential elections, according to The Fix, a Washington Post blog.
Dan Merkle, director of elections for ABC News, and a member of the consortium that runs the exit poll, confirmed the shift Thursday. The aim, he said, “is to still deliver a quality product in the most important states,” in the face of mounting survey costs.
The decision by the National Election Pool — a joint venture of the major television networks and The Associated Press — is sure to cause some pain to election watchers across the country
Voters in the excluded states will still be interviewed as part of a national exit poll, but state-level estimates of the partisan, age or racial makeups of electorates won’t be available as they have been since 1992. The lack of data may hamper election night analyses in some states, and it will almost certainly limit post-election research for years to come.
…Here is a list of the states that will be excluded from coverage: Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Gov Pays Off Bet, Hosts Legislator ‘Pool Party’

Gov. Bill Haslam paid off on a “gentleman’s bet” by hosting a picnic and “pool party” for legislators at the executive residence, loaning one lawmaker a pair of his shorts for a post-party dip in the executive swimming pool.
Rep. Philip Johnson, R-Pegram, thanked Haslam and his wife, Crissy, for the party in a Wednesday House floor speech. Johnson said he and the governor made a bet last year on the when the 2011 legislative session would end with the stakes being that the loser would host a party for the entire Legislature.
Haslam lost, he said, but wasn’t able to arrange the “picnic-slash-pool party” until Tuesday evening.

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