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Poll finds Alexander, Corker with 51% approval

Tennessee U.S. Sens. Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker both have 51 percent approval ratings among their constituents, according to national polling on the popularity of all 100 U.S. senators by Morning Consult.

Alexander had a 30 percent disapproval rating; Corker was at 29 percent. They thus avoided listing among the top ten most popular senators among their constituents as well as the ten least popular.

Excerpt from the news release:

In the latest edition of Morning Consult’s Senator Approval Rankings, Bernie Sanders is more popular than ever among Vermonters. The progressive independent who gave Hillary Clinton a major headache in the presidential primary has an 87 percent approval rating in his home state. That’s a sizable jump from his already high 80 percent approval rating in April, when Morning Consult compiled favorability ratings collected throughout the beginning of the year.

Based on interviews with almost 72,000 registered voters since May, Morning Consult crunched how constituents feel about their home-state senators… Sanders maintains his spot at the top of the list for most popular senator, a distinction that appears long lasting. He was at 83 percent approval last year, and no other senator had a higher rating.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) retains the distinction of the least popular senator among his home-state constituents, with a disapproval rating of 51 percent. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has soured with Silver State voters and is now the third-least popular senator, with a 43 percent disapproval rating. That’s up two spots from earlier this year.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) retains her slot as second-most popular senator, but her favorability in Maine (69 percent) has dropped 10 percentage points from the first few months of the year, before she declined to endorse Donald Trump for president.

Florida Republican Marco Rubio’s favorability has barely changed (from 45 percent to 46 percent) since the incumbent senator changed his mind about not running for re-election and cruised to victory in the primary after most of his opponents dropped out.

Note: The full release with a list of all senators, along with top ten and bottom ten listings, is HERE.

Online TN poll shows Trump leading Clinton 49-33

Press release from icitizen
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (August 1, 2016) — In a new statewide poll released by civic technology company icitizen, the Republican presidential nominee is the clear favorite among registered voters in Tennessee.

“Even though the ballot currently stands at 49% Trump, 33% Clinton and 18% undecided, there is still a lot up in the air,” said Cynthia Villacis, icitizen Polling Analyst. “With almost a fifth of voters unsure of who to cast their ballot for, there’s a possibility for a more fluid and interesting race as the November general election draws closer. After the Republican National Convention, Trump led Clinton by over 10 points among Independent voters, suggesting an RNC-bump that crosses party identification.” Continue reading

Vandy Poll: Trump leads Clinton in TN, 44 percent to 35 percent

By Erik Schelzig, Associated Press
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has a 9 percentage point lead over Democrat Hillary Clinton in Tennessee, according to a Vanderbilt University poll released Thursday.

The survey found Trump with support from 44 percent and Clinton with 35 percent of the 1,001 registered voters polled. Thirteen percent said they were either undecided or said they wouldn’t support either candidate.

Of those who said they didn’t plan to vote for either Trump or Clinton, 42 percent were Republicans and 22 percent were Democrats.

The survey also found that 48 percent of Tennessee voters oppose a temporary ban on all Muslims traveling to the United States that has been espoused by Trump, while about 40 percent would support one.
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DesJarlais poll shows him way ahead challenger; results disputed by Starrett

U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais says a poll he commissioned shows the 4th Congressional District Republican with a huge lead over his most prominent primary challenger, Grant Starrett — 61 percent to 8 percent.

The poll by Market Street Research also shows DesJarlais with a 61 percent favorable rating versus 25 percent negative rating, which a memo distributed to media says is the incumbent’s “highest favorable rating since we started polling for him in the Spring of 2010.”

DesJarlais has been in the news lately as one of the first Republican congressmen to get behind Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Starrett campaign manager Tommy Schultz promptly distributed this response via email:

Coincidentally, Grant Starrett also conducted a poll in the last couple days (by Wilson Perkins Allen, a firm Schultz says also did polling for Ted Cruz). And the results we found weren’t quite as happy for Congressman DesJarlais. Our polling predicts a statistical dead heat between Grant Starrett and Scott DesJarlais in August. 60% of our 401 Republican primary voters are angry about Scott DesJarlais’ vote for $700 billion in food stamps. But Grant Starrett is not just content with an outside firm calling a few hundred people: our campaign talks to a few thousand people every week at their doors. We’ve recently recorded over 13,000 conversations and found Scott DesJarlais enthusiasm to be in the SINGLE DIGITS. In contrast, more people are signing pledges to vote for Grant Starrett every single day and we’re going to keep on fighting to earn every vote until August 4.

The memo distributed to media by the DesJarlais campaign is below. Continue reading

Poll: Trump, Clinton both winning 2-to-1 in TN

Excerpt from an NBC News report:

Donald Trump is leading in the Super Tuesday states of Georgia and Tennessee, while Ted Cruz is ahead in his home state of Texas, according to a trio of new NBC News/Wall Street Journal polls.

And Hillary Clinton is topping Bernie Sanders in all three of those southern states by about a 2-to-1 margin.

In Georgia, Trump gets support from 30 percent of likely Republican voters — followed by Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio tied at 23 percent each, and Ben Carson and John Kasich tied at 9 percent each.

…In Tennessee, Trump leads Cruz by 18 points, 40 percent to 22 percent, while Rubio gets 19 percent, Carson 9 percent and Kasich at 6 percent.

…(On the Democratic side) In Tennessee, Clinton is ahead by 26 points, 60 percent to 34 percent.

Poll of TN Democrats: Clinton 58%, Sanders 32%

A Public Policy Polling survey finds Hillary Clinton with a solid lead over Bernie Sanders in Tennessee and other Southern states holding presidential preference primaries in early March.

In Tennessee, Clinton has a 58 percent-32 percent advantage overall. Among African-American Tennessee voters, her lead was even larger — 74 percent to 15 percent.

The company did similar polls in 12 states with Clinton found to be leading in 10 of them. The exceptions, where Sanders has a lead, were Massachusetts and Vermont.

PPP’s overview report on the polls is HERE. An excerpt:

One issue that’s playing to Clinton’s particular advantage is who people trust most to be Commander in Chief. She has at least a 31 point advantage over Sanders on that front in every state other than Vermont. Other issues she does particularly well on are women’s issues where she has at least a 36 point advantage in every state other than Vermont and improving race relations where she likewise has a double digit advantage everywhere other than Senator Sanders’ home state.

MTSU Poll: Haslam still popular, Congress not

News release from Middle Tennessee State University
MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — Tennessee voters are less satisfied with their standard of living and are more likely to say that it is getting worse than the nation as a whole, according to the latest statewide poll by Middle Tennessee State University.

At the same time, voters approve of state leaders overall, but disapprove of the executive and legislative branches of the federal government.

“These seeming contrasts raise interesting questions about how Tennesseans perceive the relationship between their quality of life and performance of government leaders,” said Dr. Ken Blake, director of the poll at MTSU.

The poll of 600 registered Tennessee voters was conducted Jan. 15-20 and has a margin of error of 4 percentage points.
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MTSU poll: TN Republicans prefer Trump; Democrats Clinton

News release from Middle Tennessee State University
MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — Tennessee’s Republican primary is down to a race between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, with Trump holding an advantage but with many party voters still undecided, the latest MTSU Poll shows.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders, but her statewide disapproval ratings are the highest of any top candidate on either ticket.

“We asked two types of questions about the presidential race to get a sense of where potential voters stand,” said Dr. Jason Reineke, associate director of the poll at Middle Tennessee State University.

“First, we asked registered voters to name, off the tops of their heads, the one candidate they would most like to see win the election and the one candidate they would least like to see win the election. Second, we asked whether they would favor or oppose each of several specific, current candidates running. We then broke the results down for the self-described Democrats, independents, and Republicans who responded to our poll.”

The poll of 600 registered Tennessee voters was conducted Jan. 15-20 and has a margin of error of 4 percentage points. Voters in Tennessee and 10 other states will go to the polls March 1 in the so-called “SEC primary.”
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Haslam, Ramsey on gas tax polling

Gov. Bill Haslam and Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey comments collected by Richard Locker on a Vanderbilt University poll showing showing 66 percent of voters surveyed would support a 2-cents-per-gallon increase in the state gas tax, 54 percent would go along with a 8 cents. But support falls to 46 percent at 15 cents.

Haslam…. hasn’t decided whether to ask lawmakers to increase highway funding in the 2016 legislative session that convenes Jan. 12 or continue the discussion and preparation of a detailed road plan for another year….But the governor said the Vanderbilt Poll findings are encouraging.

“I think people out there get it, the need. If you actually tie that (a tax increase) to specific projects I think you’d even see more positive reaction to it. So part of our mission right now is to complete the road plan that everybody can agree on and hopefully that will be encouragement to our legislators that this is something that people really do want to see happen,” he said.

Would an 8-cent increase be adequate?

Haslam: “We need to decide what we’re going to do but sure 8 cents would make a difference. We have a list of $6 billion worth of projects approved but not funded, but every cent gets that many more projects done. It’s also important to note that of the (fuel tax) money, 40 percent goes to cities and counties for their transportation needs. So that money helps local governments. It’s not just additional money for the state.”

Would the poll results cause him to consider going to the Legislature in 2016?

Haslam: “To me that’s encouraging news — that people get the connection between what they pay when they fill up and the roads and bridges that they want to make certain stay usable. So I do think that will be new and interesting information to folks.”

Considering that public support for a gas tax decreases as the proposed rate increases, would an 8-cent increase be the upper level of what he might ask for?

Haslam: “Our task over the next few weeks and months is to try to figure out how we can define that for people, to say that with each additional cent or 2 cents how much deeper in the project list can we go.”

…Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey, R-Blountville, says he wants action in the upcoming legislative session but isn’t expecting it.

“I’m all for a solution on this. If we increase the gas fuel tax 10 cents or whatever, brought diesel fuel up to that and worked on something on electric vehicles and liquid-propane gas vehicles, it would solve our problems for another 20 years,” Ramsey told reporters. “It’s so ironic that gas will go up 10 cents in a week and nobody says a word.

“One thing that really frustrates me is when people say we can’t do this because of an election year. If people use that as an excuse, they ought not be serving in the Legislature,” he said…. “The governor has not come up with a proposal. I wish he would and get it out of the way.

Blackburn criticizes Vandy Planned Parenthood polling

U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., has accused Vanderbilt University of trying to advance a political agenda through the handling of a question on Planned Parenthood, reports The Tennessean.

According to the survey, Tennesseans support the state funding many of the health care services provided by Planned Parenthood. Blackburn says the poll is flawed because it doesn’t mention that abortion is also funded by the organization as part of the questioning of those surveyed.

“I am disappointed that an institute such as Vanderbilt is publishing a poll that has such a thinly veiled agenda. Vanderbilt has a responsibility to educate women, men and children about access to quality health care,” Blackburn said in a statement to The Tennessean.

“Our community health centers provide the services mentioned and many more important health care services, including dental, mental health care, and coordination of health care — many of those services are provided at no cost or low cost to Tennesseans. Vanderbilt missed an opportunity here.”

Blackburn was recently named leader of the “Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives,” a congressional panel investigating abortion providers.

The Vanderbilt Poll found at least two-thirds of the 512 people surveyed support the Tennessee state government giving Planned Parenthood funding for the following services:

Preventative care screenings, such as breast exams
HIV testing or counseling
Testing or treatment of other sexually transmitted diseases
Limited primary care, such as flu shots
Pregnancy testing
Pregnancy counseling
Birth control or contraception.

…John Geer, co-director of the poll, said some of the results “absolutely” would have been different if people had been asked about Planned Parenthood in the context of abortions.

The Vanderbilt Poll also asked a separate sample group of 501 people the same questions related to services, referencing health care organizations in general, as opposed to Planned Parenthood in particular. The results showed slightly more support for funding the same services listed above. Overall, though, support didn’t really differ too much when people were asked about a generic health care organization or Planned Parenthood specifically.