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Tax Reformers Talk of Haslam (who, btw, is not a big tipper)

Mike Morrow visited the annual conference of Tennesseans for Fair Taxation, best known for advocating a state income tax despite widespread opposition from most of the state’s politicians.
According to the resulting TNReport, about 40 TFT members from across the state gathered at the Second Presbyterian Church in Nashville on Saturday for their annual meeting to discuss their agenda and ways to better communicate their message of “tax justice.”
(Erica) Thomas (of Memphis) was asked if she had 30 seconds with Gov. Bill Haslam what she would say to him. She responded it would be more about what she would ask him.
“If not an income tax, tell me how with the sales tax going up are we going to generate revenues we need across the state?” she replied. “I need you point blank to tell me: What is your plan for us getting there? So maybe we can collaborate on that, but I haven’t heard what your plan is.”
Haslam has repeatedly said there is no chance of an income tax being implemented in Tennessee.
Anne Barnett of Knoxville said she first got involved with TFT as a student at the University of Tennessee. Her concerns were raised by rising tuition, budget cuts and the school letting professors go.
“The tax structure in Tennessee is regressive,” Barnett said. “We’re always going to be fighting for more funding for public services.”
She was asked, being from Knoxville, if she had ever met Haslam, the former Knoxville mayor. She hesitated before answering.
“Not personally, but my husband used to deliver pizza to him,” she said. “And he would never leave a tip.”

Haslam Eats Pizza, Talks to Teachers

While pizza was on the menu, upcoming new teacher evaluations were on the minds of educators during a luncheon with the governor at an Oak Ridge landmark, reports Bob Fowler.
Wednesday’s get-together at the iconic Big Ed’s Pizza was another in Gov. Bill Haslam’s sessions with local educators across the state and the first since the Legislature adjourned in May. Teachers and principals, at the invitation of Oak Ridge and Anderson County school administrators, joined the governor.
The upcoming evaluations were enacted as part of state legislation to comply with guidelines for the $500 million in federal Race to the Top funding that Tennessee received. The evaluations will also play a key role in tightened teacher tenure guidelines approved by lawmakers during their latest session. Haslam called the new evaluation process “a good one.”
“I think it’s important to have standards and raise standards,” he said.