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More Armstrong DevelopMints: ‘Best Thing That Could Happen to Us’ Says Mint Maker

Here is Megan Boehnke’s full (and maybe final?) update on the Joe Armstrong mint matter:
In Knoxville, hundreds of calls and email have flooded into the University of Tennessee bookstore.
In Brooklyn, N.Y., the company behind the satirical mints has sold out until the end of the month.
And on eBay, the tiny tin cans of mints are going for $30 and higher.
On Tuesday, the UT bookstore pulled mints poking fun at President Barack Obama off shelves after state Rep. Joe Armstrong, D-Knoxville, told the director he was offended by the message on the candies. After a story ran in the News Sentinel on Wednesday, reports of the incident landed in national publications, on blogs, and on radio and television shows.
For the Unemployed Philosophers Guild, the small company in New York that produces the candies, the incident has led to record sales.
“It’s the best thing that could have happened,” said Jay Stern, an official at the company. “He made them a hit.”
Though it’s sold out of the Obama “Disappointmints,” the company has done a mock-up of a tin can in honor of Armstrong.
“Joe Armstrong Strong Arm Censored Mints,” the tin reads. The company posted it to its Facebook page.
In the meantime, a handful of employees at the company have been working tirelessly to fill back orders, Stern said.
“It’s been stressful,” said Stern. “It’s kind of like that episode of ‘I Love Lucy’ were she’s got the conveyor belt and it’s going too fast. Every five minutes we do a Web import and we have 30 new orders.”

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