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Ron Ramsey Reflects on Legislative Primaries & ‘the Perfect Storm’

The general election still determines the ultimate winner, but Tennessee GOP Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey tells Hank Hayes that political campaigns are getting to the point where primaries may be “the race.”
“Before I got to be in the (Republican) majority, I had to practically beg people to run, and now we have four-way primaries and six-way primaries. Things have really changed,” Ramsey said when asked to reflect on Thursday’s primary election results.
…”Debra (Maggart) hit the perfect storm,” Ramsey said. “She was running up against a good candidate. She was in this Nashville media market that just lives, breathes, eats and sleeps politics. It wasn’t just the NRA that brought her down. It was several other factors. I was a huge supporter. She was a great state representative. She took the brunt of other people’s frustration with politics in general. … The NRA spent $75,000 to get a pro-Second Amendment legislator defeated.”
Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Chris DeVaney, in a conference call with reporters, said GOP candidates won for different reasons.
“Courtney Rogers ran an aggressive, grass-roots campaign … (but) certainly she was aided by an outside group or two,” said DeVaney. “But at the end of the day, voters have various reasons for voting one candidate over another. We have to commend Courtney for doing an outstanding job getting her vote out.”