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Haslam, Pawlenty Pitch Romney in Knoxville, Johnson City

Former presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty and Gov. Bill Haslam urged Knoxville residents on Friday to throw their support and their vote behind Mitt Romney in Tuesday’s Republican presidential primary.
From the News Sentinel report:
“He (Romney) is the most capable, most knowledgeable and, importantly, most electable candidate on the Republican side,” said Pawlenty, a former Minnesota governor.
Pawlenty, Haslam and Bill Hagerty, commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development, spoke to about 150 people during a pro-Romney rally at the Turkey Creek Public Market.
Romney himself will court local voters on Sunday when he appears at West Hills Elementary School. Doors open at 4:30 p.m. for the event, and Romney will speak between 5:15 p.m. and 5:30 p.m., Haslam said.
…”President Obama would defeat handily the other presidential candidates,” Pawlenty said. “If we were going to interview for the job of president of the United States and we were to list the criteria the top of our list would be somebody that actually ran something before, somebody that actually led something before as an executive.”

Hank Hayes has a report from Johnson City on a similar rally:
Gov. Bill Haslam and other leaders supporting Mitt Romney’s GOP presidential bid insisted Friday that Romney is making up lost ground against Republican rival Rick Santorum leading into Super Tuesday.

Haslam ‘Probably’ Will Back a Presidential Candidate; Stay Out of Knoxville Races

Gov. Bill Haslam said Tuesday that he will “probably” endorse a candidate for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination at some point but will remain strictly neutral in Knoxville races this year for mayor and a state Senate seat.
Haslam was an early supporter of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in the 2008 Republican presidential race. Records show he and his wife, Crissy, gave $2,100 each – the maximum allowed for individuals under federal law at the time – to Romney on Jan. 8, 2007.
Haslam noted that he later also donated to former Sen. Fred Thompson, who entered the race late. He gave to Sen. John McCain, too, but only after McCain was assured of winning the nomination in July 2008.
Other Haslam family members – including the governor’s father and brother – also donated early to Romney, who is running again and often characterized as the frontrunner in a crowded Republican field.
But this year, Haslam said he is “waiting to see what shakes out in the Republican primary” for a while before deciding whether to throw his support behind any candidate.

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