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Republicans Outspending Democrats 3-to-1 in Legislative Campaigns

The largest Republican political action committees spent about $1.75 million helping their candidates for the state Legislature last month, about three times as much as their Democratic counterparts, according to financial disclosures filed Wednesday.
The financial superiority allowed Republicans, for example, to pay for 120 separate direct mail pieces that were listed on the state GOP’s main legislative committee during the period, Oct. 1-27. The main Democratic committee did just 60.
Further, in the previous reporting period, Republicans paid for 42 direct mail pieces; the Democrats had none.
The main Republican PAC, called Tennessee Legislative Campaign Committee (TLCC), reported expenditures of more than $1.2 million on legislative races for the 27 days. The House and Senate Republican Caucuses together had another $550,000 in separate spending, not counting money they gave TLCC as reimbursement for mailings handled by the party.
The main Tennessee Democratic Party PAC reported spending just under $500,000 on the party’s legislative campaigns. The House and Senate Democratic Caucuses collectively spent $108,000, excluding reimbursements to the party for mailings.

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