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Court Order Issued Against Hormone Therapy Operation

News release from state attorney general’s office:
The Court has ordered HRC Medical Centers, Inc. (HRC) to temporarily halt certain claims and contractual practices related to its “bio-identical” hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) known as Amor Vie, Tennessee Attorney Bob Cooper announced today.
The Davidson County Circuit Court order comes after the Attorney General’s Office filed suit on Monday against HRC for allegedly making unsubstantiated health claims and failing to advise consumers of possible risks and side effects associated with HRC’s BHRT Amor Vie.
Also named in the lawsuit are Don Hale, owner and officer of HRC, Dan Hale, former owner and officer of HRC as well as an osteopathic doctor at HRC, and HRC Management Midwest, LLC, which owns an HRC clinic in Memphis. A temporary injunction hearing is set for 1 p.m. on October 19th.
“We are grateful to the court for this action as this concerns the safety and health of many Tennesseans,” Attorney General Cooper said. “We urge Tennesseans who may have used HRC Medical’s BHRT to contact their personal health care providers about any possible adverse effects that may be associated with BHRT.”
HRC consumers should contact this office at 615-741-1671 in order to report any side effects or adverse health effects from BHRT they received at any HRC center in Tennessee. However, the Attorney General’s office cannot provide any health or medical information to individuals.

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The Wild-Appearing Hog Order is Out

News release from state Department of Agriculture:
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Tennessee Department of Agriculture today announced an Order by the State Veterinarian specifying conditions under which wild-appearing hogs are to be transported in the state.
The order was issued in support of legislation passed this year by the Tennessee General Assembly and signed into law by Gov. Bill Haslam making it illegal to transport and release wild-appearing hogs without proper documentation. The new law goes into effect July 1.
“Wild hogs have the propensity to reproduce in great numbers, carry diseases, destroy crops and cause serious ecological damage,” state veterinarian Charles Hatcher said. “The purpose of the order is to help reduce the incidence of disease and to support efforts to prevent the illegal transportation and releasing of wild hogs.”
Wild hogs are typically two to three feet tall and up to five feet long with larger heads and heavier shoulders compared to domesticated breeds. Wild hogs also have smaller, pointed and heavily furred ears, longer snouts, tusks and straight tails.
Under the order, all wild-appearing swine being moved within the state must have one of the following:
ยท State or federally approved individual identification and proof that each hog has tested negative for Pseudorabies and Brucellosis within 90 days of movement.
Proof that each individual hog originated from a Validated Brucellosis-free and Qualifed Pseudorabies-negative herd.
A movement authorization number from the state veterinarian’s office.
Movement authorization numbers will be issued for wild-appearing swine being moved directly to slaughter, to a quarantined facility or to a veterinarian for testing. The order also provides for a movement authorization number to be issued for the transportation of wild-appearing production swine that are raised for meat or breeding purposes. Production facilities for which movement authorization numbers are issued may be subject to inspection by the department for verification purposes.
Movement authorization numbers can be obtained by phone Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. central time by calling the state veterinarian’s office at 615-837-5120. Producers will be required to provide information including the number of swine and the place of origin and destination. Movement authorization numbers will be good for specific transportation activities for up to 30 days.
For more information or to view the state veterinarian’s order visit TDA at www.tn.gov/agriculture and click on the Animal Health Information link.

Haslam Shifts Oversight of Drug Courts

News release from governor’s office:
NASHVILLE – Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam today announced an executive order to change the management and oversight of state drug court programs as part of his administration’s ongoing effort to increase government efficiency and effectiveness.
Executive Order No. 12 transfers the drug court programs from the Department of Finance and Administration (F&A) to the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (TDMHSAS) effective July 1, 2012.
TDMHSAS oversees the licensing and funding for indigent Tennesseans needing substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery support services. The transfer of the drug courts to TDMHSAS will lessen duplication of effort and align with the department’s role as the substance abuse authority in the state.
“Management and oversight of Tennessee’s drug court programs are consistent with the focus of the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, and we believe it makes more sense for the department to manage these programs,” Haslam said.
Drug courts were established as an alternative to jails and prisons and are designed to foster recovery. For many arrested on drug-related offenses, prison is not the answer, and research has shown treatment costs are lower than costs associated with incarceration.
Drug courts refer clients to substance abuse community agencies that provide intervention and treatment services, which are funded, contracted and licensed by TDMHSAS. The department and the Office of Criminal Justice Services in F&A have had discussions about transitioning the programs and are prepared for a smooth transition.
“We are facing a major prescription drug problem in our state,” TDMHSAS Commissioner Doug Varney said. “We need to focus all of our resources in the most efficient, effective and collaborative way to maximize our impact on this issue and drug abuse overall.”
Drug court activities are also closely aligned with other programs currently overseen by TDMHSAS. For additional information about Tennessee’s drug court programs or other mental health and substance abuse programs please contact TDMHSAS’ Office of Communications at (615) 253-4812 or visit www.tn.gov/mental.

Lamar To Be Decorated by Emperor of Japan

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Japan is bestowing national decorations on Sen. Lamar Alexander and a Vanderbilt University professor.
The consulate general’s office announced Tuesday that Emperor Akihito is conferring the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star to Alexander for furthering U.S. economic relations with Japan.
While Alexander was Tennessee governor and economic competition between the two countries was tense in the early 1980s, he led numerous trade missions to Japan.
The recruitment resulted in Nissan building the first Japanese auto assembly plant in the U.S. at Smyrna. Bridgestone and Komatsu followed. More than 170 Japanese companies now have Tennessee operations accounting for 35,000 jobs.
Professor John Haley is receiving the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon for furthering the study of Japanese law in the U.S.

Judge Requires Drawing to Decide Which Party Listed First on TN Ballot

By Sheila Burke, Associated Press
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A federal judge has ruled that the state may not enforce several rules that minor political parties claim are roadblocks to their candidates getting elected.
On Friday, U.S. District Judge William Haynes Jr. refused to stay his earlier decision requiring the state to hold a random drawing to determine which candidate’s name goes first on the November general election ballot.
The ruling is part of lawsuit jointly filed against the state by the Green Party and Constitution Party, which claim that the state has imposed unconstitutional hurdles to third parties running for election in Tennessee.
“The candidate with the number one listing has a 5 percent electoral advantage because people who aren’t familiar with any of the names just pick the top one,” said Alan Woodruff, a Johnson City attorney who is representing the Constitution and Green parties.
State law currently says that a Republican will be listed first because that is the majority party in the General Assembly, Woodruff said. The law says that a candidate running as a Democrat will be listed second because it is the party in the minority in the state legislature, he said.

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On Domestic Violence Legislation

News release from House and Senate Republican Caucuses:
(NASHVILLE, TN), June 9, 2011 – Tennessee courts will now have two new tools to help deal with domestic violence cases after Governor Bill Haslam signed legislation sponsored by State Senator Mike Faulk (R-Church Hill) and Representative Vance Dennis (R-Savannah) into law.
Senate Bill 509 allows a court to assess costs against a person who has abused the system if there is clear and convincing evidence that first, the person was not a victim as claimed and, second, that the application was filed by a petitioner who knowingly submitted it falsely. Currently, any person who files for an Order of Protection is considered a victim, precluding a judge from assessing court costs against a person who applies for an order of protection just to harass another.

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Haslam Seeks Disaster Designation, Signs Executive Order on Storms

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Gov. Bill Haslam has asked President Obama to declare four Tennessee counties as federal disaster areas following the severe storms that struck the state this week.
Such a declaration would allow Bradley, Greene, Hamilton and Washington counties to access various federal assistance programs.
As local officials and relief agencies complete damage assessments, other counties are expected be added to the disaster area declaration request.
Haslam said he is confident the federal government will expedite the request so Tennessee can get to work helping people rebuild their lives as quickly as possible.
Thirty-four people died and more than 500 homes were destroyed or sustained major damage in Tennessee because of the storms.
And this:
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Gov. Bill Haslam has temporarily suspended limits on the height, weight, length and width of permitted vehicles carrying emergency supplies to the state’s storm-ravaged communities.
The executive order applies to vehicles carrying emergency equipment or supplies on behalf of the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency, the Federal Emergency Management Agency or the emergency management agencies of other state.
The order also suspends limitations on the hours of service on operators of commercial motor vehicles carrying fuel, food, water and other emergency supplies.
Haslam said it is his priority to ensure that food, water and other emergency relief supplies get to those in need as soon as possible. Thirty-four people were killed in Tennessee by the tornadoes that hit the state Wednesday night and early Thursday.
The state’s congressional delegation wrote a letter to President Obama backing the application for disaster relief. The text is below.

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