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Tracy Votes for DesJarlais; Denies Having Political Operative

State Sen. Jim Tracy tells his hometown newspaper that he’s not running for Congress, at least not now, and expressed surprise at the suggestion he will do so in 2014 (though not ruling it out). Excerpt from the story (previous post HERE)”
Tracy, who considered a congressional bid this year, expressed concern over the “serious allegations” against DesJarlais, but said he voted for the congressman in early voting.
The Associated Press reported on Friday that “an operative familiar with state Sen. Jim Tracy’s plans” said Tracy has met with donors and could launch his candidacy for the 4th District congressional seat before Christmas. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because Tracy has not yet announced his plans.
“I didn’t know I had any ‘operatives,'” Tracy told the Times-Gazette later in the day on Friday.
Tracy told both AP and the Times-Gazette that he was focusing on his re-election plans and on supporting other conservative candidates.
“That’s really all I’m doing,” he told the Times-Gazette.

Chip Outshines Chuck in Washington

Former Tennessee Repulbican Chairman Chip Saltsman is profiled today in Politico. The story starts like this:
Capitol Hill staffers live by one commandment above all others: Thou shalt not outshine your boss.
Except, that is, if you’re Chip Saltsman.
A longtime Republican operative and former Tennessee Republican Party chairman, Saltsman took a job in 2011 as chief of staff for freshman Rep. Chuck Fleischmann (R-Tenn.) after helping to run his campaign. But in an unusual twist, Saltsman has shunned the behind-the-scenes profile nearly all of his fellow Hill worker bees are forced to assume: The manager for Mike Huckabee’s 2008 presidential campaign has appeared on cable nearly two dozen times this year alone.
Fleishmann’s 2012 cable TV count? Zip.
Saltsman, 44, is never identified on TV as a Fleischmann aide; there’s no mention of his government-paid salary. Instead, he’s labeled a “Republican strategist.”
In an interview, Saltsman said he’s in such high demand on cable shows that he can accommodate only a fraction of the requests. He has a website, www.chipsaltsman.com, which includes a “guest speaker request form” and, until January, cataloged his TV appearances.