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Haslam Tort Reform Bill Gets Final OK

The House agreed to a Senate change in Gov. Bill Haslam’s tort reform bill today – somewhat reluctantly – and gave the measure final legislative approval.
The Senate version of the bill cut out a House provision that would exclude convicted felons from protection against unlimited non-economic damages in lawsuits for their wrongdoing.
The overall bill limits non-economic damages to $750,000 in most cases, providing the first such restrictions to be imposed in Tennessee.
House sponsor Rep. Vance Dennis, R-Savannah, said he disliked the Senate’s move, but wanted to go ahead and concur with the change for expediency in the waning hours of the legislative session. He said Haslam’s administration, Senate sponsors and others have promised to work with him to add the House ban on felons benefiting from the damage caps in a separate bill, though that will likely have to wait until next year.
“Just so everyone well know, we’re giving felons the same protection as anyone else (by agreeing to the Senate amendment),” said Rep. Eddie Bass, D-Prospect.
Vance said he “agrees with that assessment,” but repeated that he is committed to following up later with a bill to block felons from benefiting.
The House ultimately concurred with the Senate amendment on a 68-27 vote, sending the bill (HB2008) to Haslam for his signature.
Note: Haslam issued a news releae applauding the approval of his bill. It’s below.

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