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Sunday Column: Haslam Is a Nice Guy, But….

When political people talk about Gov. Bill Haslam, the opening remark will often begin something along the lines of, “He’s a nice guy, but .”
The “but” will then be followed by some comment reflecting the individual’s perspective on the governor’s politics or an issue at hand. For example:
n “But he’s not a strong enough conservative.”
n “But he’s too beholden to his party’s right wing.”
n “But he doesn’t know anything about (fill-in-the-blank with the given issue, situation or person/people under discussion).”
Examples one and two, of course, are matters of opinion and conjecture. The third probably has often been factually correct from the perspective of someone who is knowledgeable about a given issue or situation.
Being a nice guy, Haslam himself has modestly acknowledged he does not know everything and faces a “learning curve.” But he is learning and, in that process, it seems that being a nice guy counts for a lot.

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