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Photo ID Law Protested in Knoxville

About 50 people showed up at Krutch Park in downtown Knoxville to protest the state law requiring a photo ID for voting, reports the News Sentinel.
Jen Wallis, council organizer for the Knoxville chapter of MoveOn.org, said new voter ID laws are simply a form of suppression and an attempt to sway elections.
“It’s targeted at young voters, the elderly and it targets minority groups,” said Wallis.
MoveOn was gathering signatures Saturday for an anti-photo ID petition that it hopes to eventually present to both local and state election officials.
Wallis said MoveOn had already collected 400 signatures as of Saturday, and hopes to eventually have the petition signed by 2,000 people. The group also helped register people to vote on Saturday.
Knoxville’s Debra Patterson carried a “Tennessee Voter ID Law is Wrong” sign at the rally.
Patterson, who said she will vote for incumbent Barack Obama in the November presidential election, suggested that the voter photo ID laws are a conservative ploy.
“This is to marginalize people who tend to vote democratic,” said Patterson. “I do believe it looks like an attempt to reduce participation at the polls.”