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Hamilton County Judge Dies at Age 60

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) — Hamilton County General Sessions Court Judge Bob Moon died Thursday at his home in Signal Mountain. He was 60.
County Commissioner Mitch McClure told the Chattanooga Times Free Press that Moon was found near his computer by his wife at their home early Thursday. (http://bit.ly/yLNtNV )
Hamilton County District Attorney Bill Cox in confirming a court clerk’s report of Moon’s death said it was a shock and described him as a “tremendous public servant.”
Moon served as judge in Signal Mountain before being appointed a general sessions court judge in 1996.
An avid outdoorsman and advocate for youth programs, Moon was also outspoken about illegal drugs, guns in schools and gangs.
Tennessee General Sessions Judges Conference President Ben Hall McFarlin said in a statement that Moon would be missed and “served on the bench with great honor and dignity for many years. He was also adept at striking the right balance between serving the court, his community and spending time doing the things he enjoyed with the people he loved.”
Moon during an election campaign described general sessions court as “one of the most important courts in our legal system. The court disposes of both civil and criminal cases and personally touches the lives of more citizens in a single day than any other court. It is truly the people’s court and formulates the opinions of more people about our judicial system than any other court.”
Earlier this month Moon was reprimanded by the Tennessee Court of the Judiciary on three complaints, including that he didn’t allow a defendant to receive proper counsel in his courtroom.
“Although, there is a respectful, but definitive, difference of opinion in the interpretation and applicability of the law and legal opinions relevant to these issues, the Court of the Judiciary is there to assist us and to make us better judges,” Moon said in a statement afterward.
Moon was a lifelong resident of Hamilton County. He graduated from Chattanooga High School and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He earned his law degree at then-Memphis State University

Hamilton County Judge Publicly Reprimanded

Text of a letter of public reprimand sent to Hamilton County General Sessions Judge Robert L. Moon from the state Court of the Judiciary, as provided to media by the Administrative Office of the Courts:
Dear Judge Moon:
This letter shall serve as a public letter of reprimand pursuant to your agreement with an investigative panel of this Court.
The reprimand relates to three complaints, one of which was filed by Judge Rebecca Stem, one of which was filed by Attorney Hiram (Hark) Hill, and one of which was filed by Attorney Benjamin L. McGowan.
The pertinent portion of the complaint filed by Judge Rebecca Stem concerns a preliminary hearing, over which you presided, in which you threatened to have a young woman, who was a reluctant victim-witness of a domestic assault, handcuffed and arrested if she did not testify in a manner which you considered to be truthful.

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