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Police Chief Resigns After Bulldozer Questions Raised

News release from state comptroller’s office:
Allegedly, it was supposed to be used to clear a field for a police firing range. But documents and other evidence reviewed by the Comptroller’s Division of Investigations suggest that a bulldozer owned by the town of Monterey ended up on the former police chief’s property wasn’t going to be used for that purpose.
The investigators’ findings were part of a report that was publicly released today.
Monterey town officials obtained the bulldozer in early June of last year through the state’s military surplus program. In an agreement with the military surplus office, the police chief said that the bulldozer would only be used for law enforcement purposes and would not be leased to others, sold or otherwise disposed of by the town.
According to interviews with officials who were working for the town at the time, when the town received the bulldozer from military surplus, it was transported directly to the police chief’s property so a blade could be attached. The bulldozer was later moved back to town property after questions arose in a public meeting regarding its location.

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Beer News Updates (local control contrasts)

Sunday Morning Sales in JCity
Beer is now available at the crack of dawn on Sundays at Johnson City locations holding off-premise licenses, the Johnson City Press reports.
On Thursday, the City Commission voted 4-1 to allow Sunday beer sales to begin at 8 a.m. The new ordinance rolls forward the beer “start time” by four hours and repeals the old ordinance which allowed beer sales to begin at noon.
Commissioner Ralph Van Brocklin voted against the measure, as he did during each of the three readings. He has held that people have plenty of time to buy alcohol and extending the hours could be furthering alcohol use around recreational activities. He also said any new revenues from earlier sales would be negligible.
Meanwhile, in Monterey…
MONTEREY, Tenn. (AP) — An effort to permit beer sales in the town of Monterey has failed in the board of mayor and aldermen.
According to the Cookeville Herald-Citizen, citizens at a meeting of the board expressed opposition to the effort. (http://bit.ly/oik5Ty).
An ordinance would have created a beer board and adopted regulations for the storage, distribution and sale of beer for off premise consumption.
Mayor Jeff Hicks said the Putnam County town needs revenue, and taxes may have to go up. He also said beer would still be bought elsewhere even if it were not sold in the city.
A motion to approve the ordinance failed for lack of a motion.