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TennCare Phone Foulup Gives Wrong Message

Tennesseans desperately seeking health care coverage Thursday night received an erroneous message that the state was no longer accepting applicants for a Medicaid waiver program during the first 38 minutes of a competitive dialing process, reports The Tennessean.
Callers who got past busy signals heard a recorded message informing them that the 2,500-applicant limit had been reached, when it had not.
Thursday night marked the state’s sixth round of taking applications for the TennCare Standard Spend Down, for people with low incomes and high medical bills who would not otherwise qualify for Medicaid coverage. State officials say Tennessee does not have the manpower to handle an open-ended application system, so people have only one or two nights a year to do the competitive dialing.
“Due to a technical issue related to a server and the phone system, the phone lines at the beginning of the Standard Spend Down were not working properly,” said Devin Stone, a spokesman for the Tennessee Department of Human Services. “We are continuing to investigate with the vendors regarding the issue. Calls were successfully coming through by 6:38 p.m. By 7:23 p.m., we successfully reached our goal of 2,500.”
It is anybody’s guess how many people stopped trying to get through after hearing the erroneous recording, said Michele Johnson, managing attorney for the Tennessee Justice Center, an advocacy organization.
The Spend Down program consistently has more slots available for coverage than people enrolled in the program. Last year, the program had coverage budgeted for 3,500 people but maintained an average enrollment of 1,000.

DesJarlais to Haslam: ‘Thanks for Withholding Judgment’

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Gov. Bill Haslam’s office has released a text message sent by U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais after details emerged about the congressman once urging a mistress to seek an abortion.
Haslam said at the time that he didn’t want to opine on the subject until speaking with DesJarlais — a conversation that still hasn’t taken place three week later.
DesJarlais in the text message dated Oct. 11 thanked the governor, a fellow Republican, for withholding judgment. He also offered to speak to Haslam at his convenience.
The congressman doesn’t dispute a transcript of the conversation with a woman he dated while she was also under his care as a doctor. But he has said he was only using strong language to persuade her to admit she wasn’t pregnant.

Origin of the ‘Drowsy Driver’ Highway Message Board

After 10 years of asking drowsy drivers to get off the road, Kathi Wright of Cordova saw her message flash across Tennessee interstate message boards last week, reports the Commercial Appeal..
“Please, Don’t Drive Drowsy,” the state has joined her family in asking drivers on highways in Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga and Knoxville.
The local story behind the new message is of Kyle Kiihnl, a 17-year-old at Houston High School who was killed by a somnolent student driver on May 5, 2002.
“After 10 years it was like: Now there’s a reason,” said Wright of her nephew’s death. “It has been so emotional because somebody finally took us seriously. If we save just one person who pulled over and slept — well, that’s the reason we’ve kept going.”
Kyle had been out about midnight, walking with a friend in Germantown near Farmington Boulevard and Allenby. A teenage driver coming home from the Beale Street Music Festival fell asleep at the wheel, and, according to witnesses, his tires met the sidewalk.
Kyle, then a junior, died on the scene. His friend came away with a broken thumb.

Al Gore Has New Office, New Tactics for Global Warming

Former Vice President Al Gore has settled into new office space in (Nashville suburb) Green Hills with a refurbished strategy on how to spread the word on climate change, according to Anne Paine.
Gore has shifted from rallying support to pass legislation to try to stem climate change — an effort that resulted in a near miss in Congress — to an emphasis again on reaching everyday people.
The move has come as critics who insist warming of the planet is not a problem have barraged the public with their view through talk radio shows, op-ed pieces and other outlets.
Over the past year, he merged the nonprofit, Nashville-based The Climate Project — known for training individuals to give presentations to civic and other groups — and his Alliance for Climate Protection into The Climate Reality Project, in Washington, D.C.
Its first action is Sept. 14-15, when the Nobel laureate and author will host “24 Hours of Reality” to give a live, round-the-clock, global look at what is happening with climate.
The Nashville flood and unprecedented rainfall in May 2010 are featured in a slideshow along with floods in Pakistan that displaced 20 million people, Russian drought and fires that killed 50,000 and resulted in grain shortages, and drought in the Southwest this year that at one point resulted in fires in 252 of Texas’ 254 counties.
The event, streamed online in one-hour segments at climaterealityproject.org, will begin at 7 p.m. Central time in Mexico, moving around the globe to such locations as Tonga, Cape Verde, Jakarta and London and ending in New York City. The presentations will be given in 13 languages, depending on the location, with Gore leading the final one.