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Fleischmann Says No More Debates; Headrick Buys $14K TV Time

Republican U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann on Tuesday confirmed he won’t debate Dr. Mary Headrick again in Tennessee’s 3rd District race, reports the Chattanooga TFP.
Fleischmann campaign spokesman Tyler Threadgill cited his boss’s “full schedule” before Election Day and said the congressman met a single-debate promise when he squared off against Headrick at a lightly attended forum in Bradley County.
But that’s not enough for the Democratic challenger in a district that includes 10 other counties and 692,000 residents.
“It’s so unfair he won’t debate,” Headrick said. “What can I do if he won’t? Spend every dollar I get.”
Records show Headrick, a physician from Maynardville, bought $13,983 in advertising time on two Chattanooga television networks at the beginning of October. Between then and Election Day, that translates to 91 commercials on the city’s ABC and NBC affiliates.
The ads are slated for news and game shows. Headrick is planning a similar buy at Chattanooga’s CBS affiliate, and she’s already running about $8,000 worth of 30-second cable ads throughout the 3rd District, which snakes from Chattanooga to the Kentucky border.

Brother’s Illness Prompts Headrick to Suspend Campaign

In a short statement emailed to media today, Democrat Mary Headrick’s campaign announced she is suspending political activity temporarily because of a family illness. Here’s the statement:
Dr. Mary Headrick, candidate for the 3rd District Congressional District, Tn. race is announcing a brief suspension of campaign activities for a few days. She will be out of State with her brother who is critically ill and undergoing emergency surgery. Dr. Headrick asked that people pray for her brother, Greer, to have a successful operation and recovery.

Note: For a copy of Headrick’s last news release before the suspension, which criticizes Republican U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann’s “jobs plan,” see below.

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Headrick, Other Dems Criticize GOP No-Shows

Chattanooga area Democratic nominees slammed their Republican opponents for skipping a Tuesday night political event that focused on the redistribution of wealth, reports the Times Free-Press.
In her opening statement at a forum sponsored by the Brainerd Unity Group, Dr. Mary Headrick, the Democratic nominee in Tennessee’s 3rd Congressional District, said Republican policies are helping “disintegrate” the nation’s middle class. She said reducing military funding and demanding more revenue from “the 1 percent” would result in a fairer tax code for all Americans.
But ultimately, the Maynardville acute care physician drew attention to the absence of U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, the freshman Republican incumbent she’s trying to oust.
“As with the others, my opponent is not here to address you,” Headrick said. “Which I think is a disservice to the voters. I think you need to see us standing side by side and answering the same questions.”
Fleischmann will debate Headrick on Monday in Bradley County, but other Democratic challengers without a sparring partner Tuesday night are unlikely to get the same opportunity before Election Day on Nov. 6.

Marilyn Lloyd Backs Mary Headrick in 3rd District

News release from Mary Headrick campaign:
Endorsing Dr. Mary Headrick, Marilyn Lloyd, Congresswoman for the Third District for 20 years (1975-1995), said “I wholeheartedly support Dr. Headrick’s positions to increase the minimum wage, combat job outsourcing, defend public education, protect social security and Medicare and to seek fair taxation.”
Representative Lloyd recalled with pride introducing the Obed River into the Wild and Scenic River program. She and Dr. Headrick share admiration for the beauty of Tennessee and applaud its tourism.
Dr. Mary Headrick is the Democratic candidate for the third Congressional District facing incumbent Representative Chuck Fleischmann.
Mary Headrick will meet voters at the Eastgate Center, 5PM Tuesday Oct 2, a meeting sponsored by the Unity Group. She will attend the forum of the League of Women Voters of Oak Ridge, Oak Ridge High School 7PM,Thursday Oct 4.
Dr. Headrick and Representative Fleischmann will face one another at Cleveland Middle School, 3635 Georgetown Rd, Cleveland on Monday, Oct. 8, 6:30 PM for a 1 hour debate that is open to the public.
Mr. Fleischmann’s campaign office has refused or made no reply to other forum and debate invitations. Dr. Headrick said “The voters deserve to see the opponents appear together to answer their questions and summarize positions. It is a disservice to the voters when Mr. Fleischmann avoids debates or when Representative DesJarlais refuses to debate Eric Stewart.”

Fleischmann-Headrick Debate Set for Oct. 8

U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann has agreed to debate his Democratic challenger in one of the most conservative parts of Tennessee’s 3rd Congressional District, reports the Chattanooga Times-Free Press.
Fleischmann and Dr. Mary Headrick will square off Oct. 8 at the public library in Bradley County, where Republicans outvoted Democrats 9-to-1 in the August congressional party primaries. The announcement seems to fulfill the freshman Republican’s pledge to debate his Democratic opponent at least once before the Nov. 6 election.
Fleischmann spokesman Tyler Threadgill said it’s unclear whether another debate will happen again in a district that includes 10 other counties and large urban constituencies in Chattanooga and Oak Ridge.
“We’re onstage with our opponent and a moderator is asking questions,” Threadgill said. “The congressman has said he will debate, and he is looking forward to expressing his views.”
Headrick has called for as many issues-based debates as possible, including events strictly devoted to jobs and Medicare. The scheduled debate is her first breakthrough on that front, but a news release last week made it clear the Maynardville, Tenn., doctor wants more

Headrick on Being a Financial Underdog

U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann holds an 8-to-1 fundraising lead over his Democratic challenger, Dr. Mary Headrick, reports Chris Carroll.
“Publish that number — let Chuck Fleischmann put his guard down,” Headrick said in a phone interview Wednesday. “Let him think I’m not going to do any TV ads or any big things. Let him relax and think he’s got it won.”
A conservative freshman congressman who fended off a popular dairy executive and a political scion in August’s Republican primary, Fleischmann reported $106,075 in general election contributions through July 13. Very little of that has been spent.
Meanwhile, Headrick said she has about $13,000 in the bank with two months before the Nov. 6 election.
“That’s 13 with three zeroes,” said Headrick, an acute-care physician whose top campaign goal is ridding politics of money’s influence. “Not four zeroes or five zeroes.”
…But Headrick is challenging the conventional wisdom, banking on a grass-roots strategy that leaves almost no room for the big bucks.
“Everyone says I can’t win this on $100,000, but that’s what I think it should cost,” she said. “If it costs a lot more than that, it’s prohibitive for everyday people who want to make a change.”
With upcoming fundraisers aimed at teachers and union workers, Headrick hopes to become financially competitive. But the already substantial donation gulf could widen if Fleischmann’s team approaches donors to his Republican primary opponents, Scottie Mayfield and Weston Wamp, who raised $1.4 million between them in a shared quest for Congress.
“We took a breather after the election, and the [Republican National Convention] kept us busy,” Fleischmann campaign manager Tyler Threadgill said, “but we’ll be ramping up soon.”

Fleischmann, Headrick on Akin Comments

U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann strongly disagrees with recent comments made by a Missouri colleague over the improbability of rape victims getting pregnant, but the Chattanooga Republican remains a staunch abortion opponent, according to the Chattanooga TFP.
“Chuck believes the comment made by Congressman [Todd] Akin was flat-out wrong and not factual,” Fleischmann spokesman Jordan Powell said in an email Thursday.
However, Powell said, Fleischmann “voted to prevent taxpayer funds from being used for abortion-related costs, and will continue to stand for the sanctity of human life every time he has the chance.”
…Fleischmann’s Democratic opponent in the 3rd Congressional District, Dr. Mary Headrick, rejected Akin’s original statement that women who are victims of violent rape can’t get pregnant as “ludicrous.”
Headrick, a Maynardville, Tenn., physician who practices internal medicine in a rural setting, said she is often called to administer rape kits to possible victims because women and teens feel more comfortable with a female physician.
While emphasizing she had not read the original bill in its entirety, Headrick strongly objected to the phrase “forcible rape.”
“That’s outrageous,” Headrick said. “I’ve had 14-year-olds who have been impregnated by 23-year-olds and that’s rape. It doesn’t matter if she was consenting.”
Headrick said you “have to presume that when a female is underage she doesn’t know how to avoid the sexual activity and you leave her alone. It’s rape. And that adjective ‘forcible’ is just infuriating.”

Governors to Hold 2014 National Meeting in Nashville

News release from National Governors Association:
WASHINGTON–The National Governors Association (NGA) today announced that Nashville, Tennessee, will host the nation’s governors for its 2014 Annual Meeting, July 10-13. This will mark the third time NGA has held its Annual Meeting in the state since 1951.
“The nation’s governors are excited to be holding their meeting in Nashville, and thank Gov. Haslam for the invitation,” said NGA Vice Chair Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin.
“NGA meetings are an opportunity for leaders from around the country to come together across party lines to develop innovative and improved approaches to governing. Nashville will be a great setting for these discussions.” Fallin will serve as NGA Chair during the meeting.
NGA’s nine-governor executive committee selected the Volunteer State for its excellent accommodations and venue options, as well as the city’s overall appeal.

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Debate Begins Over Debates in 3rd, 4th Congressional Districts

Fourth Congressional District Democratic nominee and state Sen. Eric Stewart, D-Belvedere, on Tuesday challenged U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais to three debates “over the next month” in advance of the Nov. 6 election.
More from Chris Carroll:
DesJarlais did not agree immediately, so Stewart asked the freshman congressman to email a response to his campaign before Monday.
Stewart probably won’t receive a friendly reply. DesJarlais campaign spokesman Brandon Lewis on Wednesday said the congressman believes “it’s very early in the process to be discussing debates.”
“[We] intend to focus our time on meeting people throughout the district,” Lewis said.
It’s a little different in the 3rd District, where both nominees — Republican incumbent Fleischmann and Democratic challenger Dr. Mary Headrick — have promised to debate each other.
But there are nuances behind the agreement.
It’s a little different in the 3rd District, where both nominees — Republican incumbent Fleischmann and Democratic challenger Dr. Mary Headrick — have promised to debate each other.
But there are nuances behind the agreement.
Headrick, a Maynardville, Tenn., acute-care physician, said it’s important to have “three to five subject-oriented” debates throughout the 3rd District, which joins Chattanooga and Oak Ridge with rural areas in 11 counties all the way to the Kentucky border.
“Urban and rural have different needs,” she said. “Your most informed voters will either read about or listen to these debates, so we need to do several.”
But Fleischmann campaign spokesman Jordan Powell said the congressman only promised to debate Headrick. Fleischmann never said how many times, Powell said, so a single debate is possible.
“He pledged to debate her,” Powell said. “Outside of that, we’ve got our own campaign to run and Chuck’s got to do his job in Washington. There’s still a lot to figure out.”

Pruitt Faces Two Challengers in House District 58

Two years after longtime state Rep. Mary Pruitt held off an upstart Steven Turner by 167 votes in a primary election, both Democrats are running again for the same seat against the son of another tenured lawmaker.
Further from the Tennessean’s review of the race:
The primary race among Pruitt, Turner and the Rev. Harold M. Love Jr. will determine the outcome for the district. No other candidates, Republican or independent, are running to represent the majority African-American 58th District in the state House.
For Turner, who runs a small electronics business in southeast Nashville, his near-election in 2010 was a major reason he decided to run again.
“It was something I owed to my constituents. To have us come so close to victory required us to go for it again,” he said.
Two years later, the district all three candidates are running in has seen its share of changes. Redistricting announced in January turned a district that used to include downtown and parts of Germantown and Belmont into a district stretching from Bordeaux and the areas near Fisk and Tennessee State universities around to greater parts of East Nashville and Murfreesboro Pike.
“Thirty-five percent of this district has never voted for a Pruitt, Love or a Turner,” Turner said. “That presents an opportunity for us to be there and fight for that vote.”