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TennCare Contracts With Magellan as Pharmacy Manager

News release from TennCare:
NASHVILLE – The Bureau of TennCare has selected Magellan Health Services as the new Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) for the state Medicaid program. The three-year, $35 million contract was awarded in December 2012, signaling the start of six months of extensive preparation and readiness reviews. The transition from Catamaran, TennCare’s current PBM, to Magellan will take effect June 1, 2013.
The TennCare PBM administers the pharmacy claims system which is an online system that processes all pharmacy transactions, administers TennCare’s Preferred Drug List and negotiates rebates and discounts with drug manufacturers.
“We have been able to control pharmacy spending in the TennCare program through effective management of our pharmacy benefit,” said Health Care Finance and Administration Deputy Commissioner Darin Gordon. “We look forward to working with Magellan to continue providing excellent service to our members as well as appropriately managing pharmacy costs.”
Magellan Health Services was selected through a competitive bid process in which bidders were evaluated on a combination of technical expertise and cost.
“We are very confident in the new partnership with Magellan Health Services,” said TennCare Pharmacy Director Bryan Leibowitz. “We are working to ensure a smooth transition for our providers and members.”
The contract with Magellan is a three-year contract with two one-year extension options. In addition to TennCare, Magellan serves 40 health plans, several pharmaceutical manufacturers and other state Medicaid programs in their pharmaceutical segment of business.
TennCare is the state’s Medicaid program that provides health care for 1.2 million Tennesseans.

Fifth Congressiona District GOP Nominee Fires Campaign Manager

Brad Staats, the Republican opposing Democratic U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper, has fired his campaign manager and hired Jeff Hartline to replace him, reports Michael Cass.
Staats, the Republican nominee, said he let John Shorter go because “the campaign just wasn’t going in the direction that I wanted it to go.”
“Several months ago, I wanted very badly to reach not only across party lines but out to some large minority groups that are here in Tennessee,” he said. “We’re now doing that.”
He added that he should have made the change earlier, as his wife had recommended, although he “enjoyed working with John.”
Asked if he was worried that his campaign might appear to be in disarray this close to the election, Staats replied, “I haven’t really given it a second thought. You just have to make the right decision. It has proved very quickly to be the right decision.”
Shorter declined to be interviewed but wrote in an email, “We have run a great campaign with very little resources, but it’s important for the team to be in unity. Both Brad and I had some disagreements with how the campaign should be run in the last month.”

Audit Finds Oak Ridge Utility Manger Helped Himself

News release from state comptroller’s office:
The Oak Ridge Utility District’s general manager used his position for personal benefit on more than one occasion, an investigation by the Comptroller’s Division of Municipal Audit has revealed.
Also, the district paid travel expenses for two employees and their spouses to go on a trip to Rome, although they performed no work-related duties during that trip.
The general manager bought a damaged skid steer, a machine which had been used by the district for loading and digging. After he bought parts to repair the skid steer, he then ordered the district’s mechanic to repair the machine at the district’s shop, using district tools and materials, before taking the equipment home for his personal use.
The district also paid $463 to add a subscription to XM satellite radio in a Chevrolet Tahoe purchased for the general manager’s use. The $38,820 vehicle’s amenities included an off-road package, heated leather seats and a premium sound system – all of which were required to meet the district’s minimum bid specifications for the vehicle.
Investigators determined that two district employees and their spouses went on a three-day trip to Rome at the district’s expense. The trip was organized in conjunction with the East Tennessee Natural Gas Homebuilders program, a promotional effort intended to encourage homebuilders to provide natural gas hookups in the homes they build. Investigators could determine no business purpose for utility district employees to travel to Rome three days before a homebuilders’ trip was set to begin, much less accompany the homebuilders on a Mediterranean cruise.
“It is important for utility district officials to remember that the money they receive from customers is still public money,” Comptroller Justin P. Wilson said. “Therefore, it should be treated as such. Using district funds for personal gain is certainly no way for district officials to endear themselves to their ratepayers.”
To view the report online, go to: http://www.comptroller1.state.tn.us/Repository/MA/Investigative/oakridgeud.pdf

Ramsey’s Gubernatorial Campaign Official Goes to Work for Haslam

The man who served as field director of Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey’s unsuccessful campaign for governor last year has been hired by Gov. Bill Haslam, the man who defeated Ramsey in the Republican primary, reports WSMV.
James Dunn goes to work April 1 as a legislative liaison for the Tennessee Department of the Military. He doesn’t have any military experience, but the top of his resume has something more important: he helped run the grassroots campaign for Ramsey when Ramsey ran for governor.
Ramsey admits helping Dunn get a job.
“I gave a recommendation to the Haslam administration, absolutely,” Ramsey said. Ramsey said he met with Gov. Haslam two days after the election. “He asked if there were any other people who worked hard in my campaign who I would recommend to be legislative liaison, there are probably two dozen legislative liaisons, I think the only name I gave him was James,” Ramsey said.

Note: The original version of this post mistakenly identified Dunn as manager of Ramsey’s campaign. He was a field director, not the campaign manager.