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Roe Overreaching to Oppose All Things Obama?

Included in a Robert Houk column questioning U.S. Rep. Phil Roe’s attack on new nutrition standards for school lunches – he calls them “overreaching” by the federal government – are several comments from letters to the Johnson City Press. He starts with this a poem from Joan Elliot of Unicoi.
Healthy school lunches
Seem a no-brainer.
Reducing fat and sugar
Couldn’t be saner.
Phil, you epitomize
The politics of No!

Further commentary:
…Most of the folks we heard from last week say Roe is the one overreaching in his opposition to all things Obama. In this case the Republican congressman is challenging benchmarks from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for school lunch menus.
…Roe believes limits on caloric intake are not something Uncle Sam should be doing. He writes that one school official even told him that restricting calories will force lunchroom servers to count the number of tater tots they place on a student’s tray. (What will the Stalinists in the Obama administration think of next?)
One reader has suggested that if a school system doesn’t wnt to abide by the federal guidelines, it should give up the federal funds it receives and serve students whatever junk food it likes.
The tater tot controversy is ridiculous given what is at stake – the health and nutritional of Tennessee children. Earlier this month a report from the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that more than half the Americans in 39 states will be obese by 2030, with Tennessee predicted to be at the 63 percent obesity level.
…Left to their own devices, some school systems would serve nothing but the cheapest, prepackaged processed foods available. It’s not that these school systems don’t care about the health and well-being of their students. I think they do. They just don’t know how to do it on a limited budget.
Maybe Roe – the fierce anti-taxer – can enlighten these food systems on how they can stretch their dollars while Roe – the doctor – can tell how to serve healthier tater tots.

Note: A previous post HERE. The newspaper also reprints a copy of Roe’s guest column on the subject written for The Hill.

Conversation With a Governor Doing What He Wants to Do — Now that the Legislature Has Gone Away

At lunch one day last week, Gov. Bill Haslam decisively ordered the “redneck burrito,” a pork-based specialty at the downtown restaurant that he later said was good but caused a bit of indigestion.
In an interview over lunch, the former Knoxville mayor indicated that the state Legislature may have had a similar effect during his first months as Tennessee’s chief executive..
“Did my life change a whole lot since the Legislature left? Sure,” he said. “The things I’m doing now are the things that I ran for governor to do.”
He ran through a lengthy list of gubernatorial doings in the last 24 hours or so, ranging from a strategy session on education issues to dinner at the executive residence the previous evening with corporate executives considering Tennessee as an investment location. It was one of many such dinners he and his wife, Crissy, has hosted, he said.
Haslam said he was “absolutely astounded” at the number of potential corporate
investments in the pipeline when he took over from former Gov Phil Bredesen and the number has grown. He was almost as surprised, however, at the amount of state incentives or subsidies that the would-be investors want.
That has him contemplating development of a “measurable metric” for calculating whether the incentives granted by the state in any given case are worth the jobs that would be created. It seems the sort of businesslike, managerial thing that Haslam relishes.

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