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Ramsey On Lying ‘Liberals, Unions and Their Mainstream Media Acolytes’

Excerpt from an op-ed piece in the Commercial Appeal by Lt. Gov Ron Ramsey:
One of the cornerstones of propaganda is the “Big Lie.” Repeat a falsehood often enough, they say, and people will come to believe it must be true.
This is what the opponents of education reform are engaged in now: a big lie. Liberals, unions and their mainstream media acolytes have been diligently repeating the lie that Republicans are anti-teacher. They know that no other profession is as revered as the teaching profession. Their hope is that if they can successfully paint Republicans as “anti-teacher,” they can restore the status quo.
Luckily, we have a very powerful weapon in this propaganda war: the truth.
This year we saw some of the most dramatic education reforms in generations become law in Tennessee, among them tenure reform, the abolition of mandatory union contracts, home-school reform, the creation of virtual schools and the end of social promotion. We Republicans put our focus on these issues for one reason: Every child deserves access to the best education this state can provide.
Republicans know that government cannot create jobs, but we can help foster a highly qualified and educated workforce. Republicans know that the success of our state’s education system and our state’s economy are inextricably linked. Businesses need qualified, educated workers and good schools for their children. The education issue and the jobs issue are quite often one and the same.
Elites in this country may like to paint conservatives as uneducated, backwater rednecks, but the reality is that no one values education more than conservatives. An uneducated populace is far easier for the federal government to intimidate and manipulate. An uneducated state is not a state of free men and women.
I am the son, grandson and brother of school teachers….. For our political opponents to assert that Republicans are “anti-teacher” because of a mere difference of policy is the height of absurdity.
If the price Republicans have to pay for standing for reform is a little name-calling, we shall gladly pay it. But our opponents should know we will not pay it silently. This past legislative session was one of the most pro-education, pro-teacher sessions in quite some time. And unlike the pro-union purveyors of propaganda, I don’t have to repeat that statement a bunch of times in a vain attempt to make it true. It just is

Duncan: ‘Biggest Lie in American Politics’ is that Republicans Favor the Rich

U.S. Rep. John J. “Jimmy” Duncan bashs Democrats/Liberals and defends the Republican party in a columnized conversation with Greg Johnson. Some snippets:
When I asked U.S. Rep. John J. Duncan Jr., R-Knoxville, about the latest class warfare, (claims that Republicans represent the rich) he chuckled. “I call it the biggest lie in American politics,” Duncan said. He cited his family’s modest East Tennessee roots, telling how his grandparents had 10 kids, an outhouse and a long history of Republicanism. “My grandfather said you could make it to heaven if you weren’t a Presbyterian and a Republican, but it was a whole lot harder.”
“The Republican Party is very much a middle-income party,” Duncan said. “The people in our party who have money are people who started with nothing and made something.” Duncan noted how prominent Tennessee Republican Jim Haslam, founder of Pilot Corp., started with one gas station. “In the Democratic Party, the people in Washington have hardly ever run a business or met a payroll,” Duncan said.
…”Liberalism is a philosophy of arrogance or elitism,” Duncan said. “Liberals say, ‘We can spend your money for you better than you can.’ Conservatives think of people as individuals. Leftists think of people as masses. If I had to use one word to describe conservatism I’d say, ‘Freedom.’ If had to use more than one word, I’d say, ‘Freedom of the individual.'”
The House budget builds on the core conservative concept that the majority of Americans are entirely capable of managing their own affairs. “The Ryan budget is trying to empower the individual,” Duncan said. “It gives people control of own money, even control over their own health care.”
Duncan took on the idea that Republicans are the party of big business. “Liberals are the best friends big business ever had,” Duncan said. “When government gets bigger, red tape increases and small businesses are squeezed out. In every heavily regulated industry, the business ends up in a few big hands (due to onerous compliance costs).”