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TN History Might Repeat Itself (sorta) in Judicial Elections

Thirty-five years ago, Tennessee voters went to the polls and approved 12 of 13 amendments to the state constitution that had been proposed by the Constitutional Convention of 1977.
Next year, Tennessee voters will go to the polls and, probably, approve two amendments to the state constitution presented them by the state Legislature.
Much more uncertain is whether the Legislature in 2013 will decide to present voters with an amendment revisiting the subject of the amendment rejected in March 1978 and, if so, what the voters will do about it. In the past and in the future, the subject was a restructuring of the way we select Tennessee’s top judges.
Interestingly, the two amendments that will be subject to statewide referendum in 2014 both relate to court decisions. So did some of the items approved 35 years ago. It seems a majority of we Tennesseans can agree about what to do in reaction to judges; not on what to do about selecting the judges themselves. Or at least the judges who Tennessee voters can directly impact.

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