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Does TN GOP Face a Proverbial Problem?

State Republican party officials never responded to George Korda’s request for a party spokesman to appear on his radio talk show, prompting him to quote scripture in a column.
Here’s a suggestion to the Tennessee Republican Party: it should brush up on Proverbs 16:18 as a reminder of what pride goeth before.
Here’s the verse: “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.’
This message isn’t directed at Republican voters, officeholders, but at the party apparatus located on Nashville’s 21st Avenue.
…The Tennessee GOP is on top. As the old saying goes, getting there is hard. Staying there is harder. Staying humble and responsive are helpful attributes in this effort.
A check of the state party’s website contains a message from the chairman, Chris Devaney. Its content is not untypical. What’s noteworthy are that the words ‘I’ or ‘my’ appear eight times in five paragraphs.
…The GOP party staff is another issue.
Several weeks ago this columnist contacted both the state Democratic and Republican parties to request guests to appear on my Sunday afternoon radio show on WNOX-FM, 100.3. The Democrats responded with a spokesman in about 15 minutes. The Republicans, not so fast.
The first call to the Tennessee Republican Party went days without being answered.
Then a follow-up call came from a young man seeking information about the show. The conversation ended with a promise to confirm or refuse the request. It never came. An e-mail sent through the party’s website went unanswered. A call to the party office was taken by a very nice young lady who said the message would be passed on to the right person. No response.
That’s either wretched staff work or it’s an attitude of we’re the tall hogs at the trough and we’ll get back to people when we want, or if we want. Then again, it could be just me (note to detractors: you’ve been thrown a softball to hit).