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Bredesen Sits on Jury in Child Molestation Case

From Nashville’s WSMV-TV:
Former Gov. Phil Bredesen was downtown Wednesday sitting on a jury for a local court case.
Bredesen said he was selected for jury duty before he left office earlier this year. However, the judge said it wouldn’t be appropriate for a sitting governor to serve on a jury, so they set a date in August when he was out of office and could serve.
He didn’t think he would actually be picked but said he is glad he was chosen.
“I think people sometimes think of it as some big imposition. There were a few people on this jury who just found some excuse to try to get out but I think it’s a great civic understanding and I think it really helps people understand a lot more how the justice system really works,” said Bredesen.
The former governor said he asked the attorneys why they didn’t throw him out of the jury pool. They told him they kept him because they thought he’d be fair.
The governor and his fellow jurors heard a child molestation case in which they found the defendant guilty.