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Black camp: Carr reaches ‘lows never before seen in TN politics’

As part of a story on apparent inaccuracies in U.S. Rep. Diane Black’s radio ad touting her endorsement by the National Rifle Association, WSMV TV says the NRA is sticking with its move and Black’s campaign is denouncing challenger Joe Carr as sleazy.

The Black ad says the lawmaker got her handgun carry permit after becoming the victim of a violent criminal assault. But other reports indicate she didn’t get the permit until 14 years after the robbery and some other details of Black’s comments in the ad have been questioned based on a police report at the time. (Note: Carr’s press release on the matter previously posted HERE.)

Black declined an on-camera interview, but her press secretary Jonathan Frank sent the following statement:

“This is not going to be Joe Carr’s first losing campaign, but it certainly is his sleaziest. In what is likely the end of his political career, he and his allies have sunk to lows never before seen in Tennessee politics. They’ve exploited the addiction problems faced by Diane’s in-laws. They pretend that she never was violently assaulted when a police report documents it all. They even attacked her life as a single mother before she met Dave.

“Now that the Carr campaign has been confronted with the truth about Congressman Black’s attacking, they continue to dismiss this violent crime as a ‘purse snatching’ and are effectively telling their supporters that the attack described in the police report wasn’t bad enough. Efforts by the Carr campaign to minimize this assault are offensive to victims and their families. It is pathetic attacks like this that have caused Joe Carr to rack up three failed campaigns in a row. On Aug.4, Tennesseans will reject Joe Carr’s sleaze and relegate him to an even less reputable line of work.”

Political analyst and former campaign manager Kent Syler said it’s extremely important to get all the facts in a campaign ad right.

“The facts in this police report are certainly traumatic enough to cover the points of this ad without vacillating from it whatsoever,” Syler said.

Syler said whether the inconsistencies were intentional or not, it’s a good lesson in campaign advertising.

“Having that paper to back it up is important. Many times you’ll even see the police report in the ad as evidence,” he said.

The National Rifles Association has endorsed Black. Spokeswoman Jennifer Baker sent the following statement:

Diane Black is a strong advocate for the 2nd Amendment and an inspiration to women determined to avoid being victimized by exercising their constitutional right to self-protection. It is ludicrous that her political opponents are twisting the facts of experience as a victim of a violent crime.”

Black vs. Carr: Back-and-forth bashing (guns and Cruz)

News release from the Diane Black campaign
GALLATIN, TN – The Diane Black for Congress campaign is calling on Joe Carr, a delegate for Ted Cruz’s Presidential campaign, to repudiate the Texas Senator’s refusal to endorse Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump last night at the Republican National Convention. Diane Black released the following statement:

“Americans face a binary choice this November: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Tennesseans know that Hillary Clinton lacks the integrity and judgment to hold any elected office, let alone President of the United States. That is why, back in May, I endorsed Donald Trump’s campaign and encouraged others to do the same so that we could unify our party and ensure a Republican victory this November,” said Diane Black. “Last night, Ted Cruz set us back in those efforts and handed a gift to the Clinton campaign by refusing to endorse Donald Trump. As a delegate for Ted Cruz, it is deeply concerning that Joe Carr has so far been silent on this selfish power play. Tennesseans deserve to know where Joe stands. I call on him to immediately denounce Ted Cruz’s refusal to endorse the Republican nominee and make clear his own support for Donald Trump.”

News release from Joe Carr campaign
SIXTH DISTRICT, TENN. (JULY 20, 2016) – It was recently discovered that Diane Black intentionally misled voters in a radio commercial about when she obtained her handgun carry permit.

This morning John Harris went back on air with 99.7 WTN talk show host, Michael DelGiorno after having finally obtained the police report of Diane Black’s assault 22 years ago. In the ad, Diane Black makes several allegations (see below) that we now know to have been exaggerated, and in some cases a complete fabrication, according to the police report. Continue reading

Carr bashes Haslam for hosting Black fundraiser

News release from Joe Carr campaign
SIXTH DISTRICT, TENNESSEE. (JULY 11, 2016)- On Thursday July 21, 2016 at 12 Noon, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam will be hosting a luncheon fundraiser for Congressman Diane Black. The fundraising event is being held at the governor’s mansion, a taxpayer funded residence. The cost to attend the luncheon is $2,700 per couple or $1,000 per individual. As governor, Bill Haslam proposed to expand Medicaid, is attempting to increase Tennessee’s gas tax, and refuses to sue the Obama Administration over the unlawful resettlement of Muslim Syrian Refugees into Tennessee.

“Diane is an 18 year career politician, yet continues to claim that she fights against the establishment. Asking the governor to host a fundraising reception at the official residence that is subsidized by the Tennessee Taxpayer is by definition establishment politics. While we have come to expect this type of conduct from Congressman Black, the taxpayers of Tennessee should be able to expect a higher standard from their governor. Unfortunately, Diane Black is no stranger to crony establishment politics. Since her election in 2010 she has received over $3 million from Washington D.C. PAC’s, voted herself a $1,000 per month car allowance, and filed a bill that directly benefited one of her largest contributors. If that doesn’t define crony establishment politics, I don’t know what does. Diane talks about ‘fighting back with Diane Black’ but what the voters end up with is stabbed in the back” said Joe Carr.

Carr went on to say, “When elected to Congress I will take power away from Washington and give it back to the state of Tennessee. Tennessee does not need more Washington; it needs less Washington, and the 6th District needs somebody who believes that fighting back is more than a campaign slogan.”

Former State Representative Joe Carr is a lifelong resident of Tennessee having served 3 terms in the Tennessee General Assembly (2008-2014). Joe Carr is a congressional candidate in Tennessee’s Sixth District.

Note: Asked for comment, Haslam Press Secretary Jennifer Donnals replies: “The governor appreciates the good work Diane Black is doing representing Tennesseans in Congress and he is glad to support her.”

Black, Carr go for 6th District gun vote with AR-15 giveaway, ad buy

Incumbent U.S. Rep. Diane Black and her chief opponent in the 6th Congressional District Republican primary, Joe Carr, offer competing approaches to solicitation of votes from firearms fans, as illustrated in the following two campaign press releases. Continue reading

Lamar and Joe Carr both oppose Cumberland wind farm

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Republican U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander is urging his fellow Tennesseans to oppose what he calls an “unsightly” wind farm near the Cumberland Mountain State Park.

The longtime supporter of nuclear power argued on the Senate floor this week that the 23 wind turbines Apex Clean Energy wants to install are “massive” and would spoil the “natural beauty of our state.”

“We should not allow anyone to destroy the environment in the name of saving it,” said Alexander, arguing that wind energy is being fueled by “billions in wasteful taxpayer subsidies” to out-of-state companies.

Apex counters that the $130 million project will emit no pollution and create no hazardous waste as it provides a safe energy alternative near wildlife and natural areas.

Spokesman Kevin Chandler said officials at the Charlottesville, Virginia-based company were disappointed Alexander hadn’t gotten into touch to discuss his concerns.

“But we have greatly appreciated the local welcome we’ve received in Cumberland County and look forward to making this project a reality,” Chandler said.

The wind farm near Crossville, about 100 miles east of Nashville, is projected to power 20,000 homes. It is located on a privately-owned 1,800 acre site behind a limestone quarry, though the turbines would be visible from Interstate 40.

“This project will help bring about cleaner, healthier air, reduce pollution, and create economic growth and jobs in Cumberland County,” Chandler said.

Note: Alexander’s full news release is HERE. And below is a news release from Joe Carr, Alexander’s chief opponent in the 2014 Republican primary, while campaigning in Cumberland County for the 6th Congressional District seat. Continue reading

Black-Green-Carr spat cancels county GOP fundraiser

By Eric Schelzig, Associated Press
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Reagan Day fundraisers have been a staple of GOP politics ever since the Great Communicator made a point of promoting the 11th Commandment — thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican. But in the conservative suburbs east of Nashville, the event has become too poisonous to be held this year.

According to party emails obtained by The Associated Press, three leading Tennessee Republicans refused to speak at the June fundraiser if their rivals were given the same opportunity, forcing the Wilson County Republicans to call off the event altogether.

The flap suggests just how fractured the GOP has become this election year, as Donald Trump and tea party supporters continue shaking up what’s left of the Republican establishment. It also suggests what hardball tactics may come in the race to succeed term-limited Republican Gov. Bill Haslam in 2018.

The head of the county party has no comment on why the party canceled the event. But a flurry of correspondence obtained by the AP suggests that organizers couldn’t get the three candidates to share a stage.

The event was to be held on June 7 in the district of U.S. Rep. Diane Black, who faces a tea-party rival, former state Rep. Joe Carr, in Tennessee’s congressional primary this August. Black also is a top contender for governor, and will likely face state Sen. Mark Green, an Army veteran who has been speaking at other Reagan Day events around the state.
Continue reading

Some back-and-forth between Carr and the Black camp

Former state Rep. Joe Carr of Rutherford County, who came within nine percentage points of U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander in the 2014 GOP primary, has now set his sights on U.S. Rep. Diane Blaker of the 6th Congressional District — and the rhetoric has begun.

From a Tennessean report:

Framing himself as an anti-establishment outsider, Carr accused Black of being “more interested in securing her place within the status quo” of the Republican Party and not taking on issues such as fighting Planned Parenthood, lowering the deficit and defunding the Affordable Care Act.

He singled out those issues even though Black has been a vocal critic of Obamacare and Planned Parenthood, including last year introducing the Defund Planned Parenthood Act.

“Since she’s been in Congress, Barack Obama’s agenda has basically gone unchecked,” Carr said. “She’s been vocal sometimes, but she’s never stood up to the establishment in the Republican Party and the establishment in Washington.

“She’s never pushed the agenda that she promised she would fight for.”

In a statement, Black campaign spokesman Matt Coker pushed back against Carr’s arguments, characterizing him as a politician constantly looking to run for higher office. Besides elected office, Carr’s bid in 2014 to be Tennessee Republican Party chairman also fell short.

“Carr is only able to call himself an outsider because he lost most all of the races he has sought,” Coker said in an emailed statement. “By our count, this is the fifth different office he has sought in the last eight years.

“While Congressman Black has pushed leadership in Congress for votes on important issues like defunding Planned Parenthood, freezing the refugee program, and budgets that balance, Carr has been looking for his next opportunity to get another taxpayer funded job.”

Carr’s decision to run comes even though his Rutherford County home address is not in the 6th Congressional District, nor is any part of Rutherford County in that district.

Instead, Carr, a former Tennessee state representative, lives four miles away from the 6th District in Congressional District 4, which is held by Republican Rep. Scott DesJarlais. Carr briefly mounted a challenge against DesJarlais two years ago before pulling out.

Carr said Tennessee law requires only residency in the state — not the actual congressional district — to run for Congress.

…As to the reasons why he thinks he can win, Carr pointed to his performance in the 2014 Republican Senate primary against Alexander in which Carr won 12 of 19 Middle Tennessee counties that include portions of Congressional District 6. He lost the overall race against Alexander by a margin of 49.7 percent to 40.5 percent.

Joe Carr backs Ted Cruz

News release from Ted Cruz campaign:
HOUSTON, Texas – Today, former three-term State Representative and U.S. Senate candidate Joe Carr endorsed U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz for President. Carr, a conservative stalwart in the Tennessee state legislature for six years, said Cruz’s proven record of fighting for the issues that matter most to conservatives makes him the best qualified leader to restore American greatness.

“Ted Cruz is not only willing to stand firm on principle every time, but has done so when it mattered most,” said Carr. “He has taken on the Establishment in both parties, even when it was unpopular and victory was far from certain. That’s the kind of fighter we need in the White House defending the American people, the sovereignty of the states, and our constitutional rights. In our U.S. Senate race our campaign received over 271,000 votes. Those are Cruz voters and I am going to do all I can to make sure they understand Ted Cruz is our best candidate for President of the United States.”

During his tenure in the Tennessee state legislature, Carr developed a reputation for his willingness to take on the leadership of his own party, especially on the issue of illegal immigration. While a member of the Tennessee General Assembly he authored, sponsored, and passed some of the strongest immigration laws at the state level in the country. He made the fight against amnesty a central piece of his Senate campaign in 2014 and convinced conservatives around the country – including nationally syndicated radio host Laura Ingraham – to support his campaign. He is also a passionate advocate for religious liberty and restoring constitutional principles in government.

“Joe Carr is a conservative’s conservative,” said Senator Cruz. “He is willing to stand firm and speak out even when his own party gets it wrong. That shows not only great respect for principle but estimable character, as well. Tennessee will play a critical role in the primary and, along with the top-notch team we’ve assembled in the state, having Joe’s support gives us a big advantage.”

“We are pleased to welcome Joe Carr to our Tennessee leadership team,” added Tennessee State Chairman Kevin Kookogey. “Joe demonstrated a commitment to taking on the establishment in 2014, and we look forward to working with him to move Tennessee even further into the Cruz category.”

Rep. Haynes seeks to replace Devaney as GOP chair; Carr undecided

State Rep. Ryan Haynes of Knoxville has declared himself a candidate to succeed Chris Devaney as Tennessee Republican chairman today, shortly after Devaney announced his resignation effective next month.

Former state Rep. Joe Carr of Rutherford County, who lost a bid to replace Devaney in a December vote by the state Republican Executive Committee after losing a challenge for the GOP U.S. Senate nomination in August, says he’s not decided whether to try again at the committee’s April 11 vote.

Carr said he expects “two, three or four” members of the executive committee may be interested in succeeding Devaney. And he says Haynes may have an initial advantage because “establishment Republican bloodlines” run to the East Tennessee area that the Knoxville lawmaker represents. He noted that Gov. Bill Haslam is from Knoxville, U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander from nearby Maryville and U.S. Sen. Bob Corker – a longtime friend of the Haslam family – is from Chattanooga.

The Times-Free Press reports that Rebecca Ann Burke, a sitting state executive committee member, is also being mentioned as a potential candidate.

Here’s the letter that Haynes, who is chairman of the Knox County delegation at the state Legislature, sent to members of the GOP Executive Committee shortly after Devaney sent members his resignation notice:
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Chris Devaney resigning as TN GOP chair (news release)

State Republican Chairman Chris Devaney, just reelected to a new two-year term in December, has announced he is resigning the postition next month to become executive director of the Chattanooga-based Children’s Nutrition Group of Haiti.

Devaney informed members of the GOP’s State Executive Committee of his plans in a Monday afternoon conference call. He has previously done church mission work in Haiti. He says the new position opened up after his re-election to the chairmanship. He defeated former state Rep. Joe Carr in that vote before the executive committee, 47-17.

The party executive committee will decide his successor at an April 11 meeting.

Here’s the TNGOP news release on Devaney’s resignation:
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