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Jimmy Naifeh’s kin sell winning Powerball ticket

A West Tennessee couple who claim to have one of the three winning tickets in the world-record $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot appeared on the “Today” show Friday morning in New York, reports the Commercial Appeal.

John and Lisa Robinson of Munford were joined by their daughter and their lawyer on the morning show. The Robinsons will have a one-third share of the jackpot.

They haven’t presented the ticket to Tennessee lottery officials for verification.

John Robinson said he stopped at Naifeh’s grocery store in Munford on his way home from work Wednesday and purchased four tickets.

Naifeh’s Food Market got a $25,000 check from Rebecca Hargrove, CEO of the Tennessee lottery, for selling the winning ticket, reports the Tennessean. The Naifeh family — yes, including Jimmy Naifeh — has operated the store for many years.

From The Tennessean:

Naifeh let her three kids skip school to be a part of the announcement, but her husband, Judson, was duck hunting two hours away. Judson is the nephew of former Tennessee House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh.

…Chester Maclin, a 30-year employee of Naifeh’s, said the last time there was as much media attention in Munford was when Jimmy Naifeh was running for office.

The longtime Democratic legislator was at the announcement to support his family and said he helped push the Tennessee General Assembly to pass the law that created the state’s education lottery.

He served 38 years in the state House until he opted against re-election in 2012. He was speaker from 1991 to 2008, when Democrats lost a majority in the House.

The Naifeh family has owned grocery stores in West Tennessee for nearly a century.

“It’s very exciting,” Jimmy Naifeh said. “It’s real good for the state and good for Munford.”

He added with a laugh: “It’s just a shame we don’t have $1 million payout; I guess those state legislators did that.”

In California stores that sell winning Powerball tickets receive $1 million.

Naifeh says Democrats were more open than Republicans when they controlled House

Excerpt from a Commercial Appeal report on developments in the flap over House committee “pre-meetings:”

(O)n Wednesday, former House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh, a Democrat from Covington, took exception to assertions by House Republican Caucus Chairman Glen Casada on Tuesday that secret meetings were more prevalent when Democrats controlled the House until 2009.

Naifeh, who retired from the legislature four years ago, said Wednesday that the only “secret” meetings he knew of during his tenure were the budget committee and occasionally the industrial impact subcommittee, which no longer exists.

“As usual, Mr. Casada doesn’t understand what he’s talking about. We did have secret budget meetings in my office, but it was always posted on the bulletin board — ‘secret budget meeting in Speaker Naifeh’s office 4 p.m. Tuesday.’ The doors were open. I had it in there because we could all feel like we were closer together than sitting around a conference table.

“Republicans were there. They were not closed.”

Naifeh said that in his last two years in the legislature, the House budget committee had “closed secret meetings and Democratic members weren’t allowed in. The only other one I can remember when I was speaker was the industrial impact subcommittee that would get together sometimes when they had some very hard issues. I didn’t participate but I knew it was going. Each bill was discussed and the (bill) sponsor could come in.

“It seems to be” more systemic now, he said.

Note: Post including Casada’s comments is HERE.

House Speaker Emeritus Jimmy Naifeh in line for TVA board seat?

TVA board member Mike McWherter is expected to be a major influence in picking three new member, reports Metro Pulse. The son of former Gov. Ned McWherter and the Democratic candidate for governor four years ago is said to have been consulted by the White House on who to pick.

State Capitol Hill sources say a front-runner for the board is likely former House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh. Naifeh was a protege of Ned McWherter’s when McWherter was Speaker of the House and Naifeh went on to become one of the longest-serving speakers in state history and one of its most powerful political figures. He served until the Republicans took over the House. He then engineered a coup putting Republican Kent Williams in as speaker with Democratic votes and his party retained committee chairs during Williams’ two-year tenure.

The White House was said to be displeased that the last round of Democratic board members deferred to Tennessee’s two Republican senators and retained Republican Bill Sansom as TVA chair. McWherter was the lone vote against Sansom.

Sansom and Barbara Haskew’s terms are up in May and Neil McBride left the board at the end of this past year. That leaves three positions to be filled in May.

Given the change in filibuster rules, whoever President Obama nominates will likely be confirmed—and possibly in a speedy manner by Senate standards.

Ramsey Decries ‘Complete Falsehood’ in Megasite Matter

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey says he’s supportive of the West Tennessee megasite and necessary funding from the state, reports the Jackson Sun, despite assertions to the contrary from Rep. Johnny Shaw and other Democrats.
Ramsey, a Republican from Blountville, said in a news release Friday that an assertion from state Rep. Johnny Shaw that Ramsey was playing politics with funding for the megasite was “unfounded and inaccurate.”
“I have not attempted to withhold funding for this megasite, and any statement to the contrary is a complete falsehood,” Ramsey said in the release. “I absolutely support this project. To my knowledge, there is no current request for funds in the pipeline. As soon as there is, we will look at the request and act on it. I have every expectation that any monies needed to complete the project will be released expeditiously.”
Shaw, a Democrat from Bolivar, and State House Speaker Emeritus Jimmy Naifeh accused Ramsey and the all-Republican State Building Commission on Thursday of withholding $35 million in money needed to begin infrastructure improvements to the megasite, which is in Haywood County. The accusations came after local lawmakers learned there was no new state funding designated for the megasite in Gov. Bill Haslam’s proposed budget for the next fiscal year.
The governor’s office and members of the Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development have said funding was not added to next year’s budget because the original $35 million has not been spent.