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Green Presidential Candidate Visits Nashville

Promising to turn the White House “into a greenhouse,” Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein brought a passionate message to a Nashville audience Thursday, reports Michael Cass. She urged listeners not to “waste” their votes on the major-party nominees.
Stein, who was arrested on a trespassing charge Wednesday while protesting construction of the Keystone XL pipeline in Texas, said neither President Barack Obama nor Republican candidate Mitt Romney would do what’s necessary to halt climate change, repair the economy or solve other pressing national problems.
“Who are things getting better for? The CEOs, the 1 percent,” she said.
Stein, a physician who ran against Romney for the Massachusetts governor’s office in 2002, spoke to more than 50 people — including at least two other Green Party candidates — at a house party in Bellevue. She visited a Pleasant Hill church, Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro and Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville earlier in the day.
She arrived during the first election cycle when the Green Party has had a line on the ballot in Tennessee, and Green candidates are seeking congressional and state legislative seats as well as the presidency.
…While the Green Party and other third-party groups have no chance of matching Obama and Romney in Tuesday’s election, Stein said the party’s followers need to stand up for their beliefs at the polls and convert as many people as possible to give the party greater standing in future elections. She said Democrats and Republicans are “bought and paid for” by Wall Street firms, oil and gas companies, and other special interests.