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Bills Signed by the Governor, 3/15/13

The latest list of bills signed into law by Gov. Bill Haslam, as provided by his office on March 15, 2012:
SB 83
This bill expands the current confidential records statute and deems as confidential all information and records received or generated by the comptroller containing allegations of unlawful conduct, fraud, waste or abuse.
(Passed House 90-1; Passed Senate 30-0)
SB 142
This bill allows the holder of a valid handgun carry permit to store a firearm or firearm ammunition in the permit holder’s privately owned motor vehicle subject to certain restrictions.
(Passed House 77-22; Passed Senate 28-5)
SB 268
This bill requires that teachers who teach in multiple subject areas in which end of course examinations are required for a student to satisfy graduation requirements to pass the content specific licensure exam test for each content area in which they are teaching by January 1, 2014.
(Passed House 92-0; Passed Senate 29-1)
SB 342
This bill extends the Investment Advisory Council to June 30, 2018.
(Passed House 92-0; Passed Senate 31-0)
SB 362
This bill extends the Tennessee interagency cash flow committee to June 30, 2017.
(Passed House 90-0; Passed Senate 30-0)
HB 433
This bill, pursuant to the request of the Gibson County Special School District, permits the district to issue and sell bonds or notes, participate in federal or state matching grants or loans, or enter into loan agreements with the state in an amount of $3 million or less.
(Passed House 95-0; Passed Senate 32-0)
HB 752
This bill extends the Tennessee auctioneer commission to June 30, 2018.
(Passed House 93-0; Passed Senate 32-0)