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Knoxville Tea Party is Now a Corporation (after a fight over focus)

Some members of the Knoxville Tea Party have incorporated the organization as a lobbying group in a dispute with other members over its purpose, reports Georgiana Vines.
Benjamin McCroskey, secretary and communications chair of the new board, has sent a letter to the organization’s members about the action. The letter said that “a small group of individuals” had tried to move the focus of the organization from fighting “over taxing, over spending, and over-reach of the federal government” to questions on President Barack Obama’s birth, social issues and radicalizing Islam.
He described their conduct as “intent on disrupting the activities of the KTP and taking over the organization to promote their agenda. This is a direct violation of the membership agreement.”
One of the people ousted with the new board’s action was Antonio Hinton, an organizer of the original Knoxville tea party and prominent at various programs the organization has had over the past year in Knoxville.

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