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Sunday Column: On the Governor’s Expertise in Inaction

A couple of observations scribbled in a notebook while lost in Legislatorland:
Unlike many Republicans in the Legislature, Gov. Bill Haslam has never been wildly enthusiastic about school vouchers. So his decision to yank his bill providing “opportunity scholarships” on a limited basis at a strategic moment, assuring that no legislation on the subject passes this year, has touched off a lot of speculation among those who are wildly enthusiastic.
Were they been bamboozled by a clever governor who has shown a knack for getting his way while avoiding controversy? Maybe so.
Recall that the state Senate passed a voucher bill in 2011, but Haslam appealed for a halt in the House. His request was granted, a task force set up to study the matter through last year. And, finally, hesitantly, he this year backed a bill that set up a program for providing a maximum of 5,000 vouchers in the first year to children from low-income families in the state’s worst schools.

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