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Illogic in Legislatorland? Or Just ‘Silly Sideshows’?

There is a virus spreading like dandelions caught on a breeze in the Legislative Plaza, according to Gail Kerr’s most recent column, and it’s called Illogithink.
Here are the basic building blocks of Illogithink 2011: Gays are bad. Guns are good. Businesses are all good. Limits on businesses are all bad. More government is bad. More government like Mr. and Ms. Elected Legislator wants it is all good. Local autonomy is sacred. Except when state government decides to big foot it. Whether it’s the General Assembly’s business. Or not.
Meanwhile, Pam Stickland focuses on Republican-backed”sideshows” dealing with homosexuality:
Insecure power grabbers are easily recognized by taking silly, unreasonable stands cloaked in false righteousness. My mama warned me about them years ago, and President Barack Obama reminded us all about them Wednesday.
I couldn’t have agreed more when Obama said Wednesday that “we do not have time for this kind of silliness.” The president was talking about the bat-wing crazies who insist, in spite of solid evidence to the contrary, that he is not a native-born American. I, however, am talking about our state legislators, who insist on treating the lesbian, gay and transgendered as less than equal when the state has serious budget problems and major education issues that need tending.