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TVA Board Nominee Pleased Senators of Both Parties

President Obama’s latest nominee to the TVA board, Richard Howorth, has an approach to energy policy that appears to span the entire spectrum, according to Bill Theobald..
That may explain why Howorth, who supports nuclear and solar energy as well as stepped-up conservation efforts, seemed to please both Democratic and Republican lawmakers during a Senate hearing last week on his nomination to serve as a Tennessee Valley Authority board member.
Howorth, a bookstore owner and former mayor of Oxford, Miss., appeared to choose his words carefully in responding to questions from Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander about nuclear power.
TVA’s strategic plan, which includes expanding use of nuclear power, is “well-considered,” Howorth testified during the hearing before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. Something must replace coal, and “it seems nuclear is where that should be,” he said.
He told Alexander he agreed with TVA’s decision to reduce emissions from its coal-fired plants and eventually shut some down to settle a lawsuit filed by the Environmental Protection Agency.
Howorth also expressed a commitment to boost conservation