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Haslam Budget Highlights List

By the Associated Press
Here are some highlights from Gov. Bill Haslam’s $32 billion spending plan:
$307.3 million for higher education capital projects
$166 million for state capital projects
$100 million to rainy day fund to bring it to $456 million on June 30, 2014
$76.5 million for 1.5 percent pay increase for state employees, teachers and higher education
$51 million for K-12 local technology and infrastructure improvements
$48.1 million for local jail funding for felons
$43.2 million for BEP formula growth
$35.5 million to higher education institutions that increase graduation rates
$33.7 million for BEP capital component
$30 million for Jobs4TN
$21.2 million to reduce grocery sales tax from 5.25 percent to 5 percent
$18.7 million to increase inheritance tax exemption level to $2 million
$10.8 million to standardize all IT operations
$7.6 million to restore TennCare reductions
$6.7 million for Department of Children’s Services enhancements
$1.6 million for drug courts
$1.5 million to increase Hall tax exemption for people over 65
$1 million to reduce drivers’ license renewal wait time