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Budget Bill Goes to Governor (after flap over money to Virginia)

Democrats made a provision to give $500,000 for construction of a museum in Virginia the focus of last-minute criticism of a $31 billion state budget Monday as their attempts to make alterations were voted down.
After heated debate, the final, Republican-drafted version of the budget was approved 63-27. The Senate followed later with approval of the spending plan, mostly prepared by Gov. Bill Haslam’s administration, on a 31-2 vote with virtually no discussion.
Hopes for adjourning the legislative session Monday were dashed by long debate on other issues. The House and Senate will meet again Tuesday to deal with them.
Money intended for the Birthplace of Country Music Cultural Heritage Center was added to the budget at the urging of Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, who said the proposed building site is on the Virginia side of the state border that runs through Bristol.

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Breaking News: TN Republican Congressmen More Conservative Than Democrats

Heritage Action for America, a quite conservative group, has done its scorecard on Congress.
In Tennessee, astonishingly, Republicans get good grades and Democrats get bad grades. Topping the Tennessee list, at 80 percent, is Rep. Marsha Blackburn. The lowest ranking Republican is Rep. Stephen Fincher at 61 percent.
Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen was at the bottom of the rankings at 18 percent, closely followed by Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper at 20 percent.