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Lamar on the River

Sen. Lamar Alexander took in the Tennessee River Gorge on Saturday behind the wheel of the Blue Moon, a 70-foot Chattanooga charter boat, reports the Chattanooga TFP.
As Alexander looked out over the river, the captain pointed out an osprey nest on a river day marker — the waterway equivalent of a highway mile-marker post. For Alexander, a Tennessee Republican long a supporter of conservation, it was a way to bring added attention to the accomplishments of the Tennessee River Gorge Trust.
The trust has worked for 31 years to conserve the ridges and views of the 27,000-acre Tennessee River Gorge in Hamilton and Marion counties. In that time, the Trust has come to own land or land easements on 17,000 of those acres. The ownership and easements don’t stop progress, but they help ensure progress doesn’t mar the beauty of the canyon where the Tennessee River cuts through a portion of the Cumberland Plateau in an area American Indians once characterized as “mountains looking at each other.
“Egypt has its pyramids, England has its history, Italy has its art, the United States has its great American outdoors, and Chattanooga and Southeast Tennessee and Marion County have the Tennessee River Gorge,” Alexander told about 30 people on the boat.
The outing was part of this year’s main fundraising event for the Gorge Trust. Alexander was the special guest, the draw for a $150-a-ticket dinner later in the evening to support the Gorge Trust.