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TN Meeting RTT Goals (though gubernatorial transition ‘not seamless’)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Tennessee is meeting most of its goals for implementing educational reforms tied to a $500 million federal Race to the Top award, according to a report released Tuesday by the U.S. Department of Education.
It found the state’s major challenge during the 2010-2011 school year was a delay in hiring management and support staff for several key programs.
At least in part, that was because of turnover that occurred with the election of Gov. Bill Haslam and his appointment of new education commissioner Kevin Huffman.
“Although the new Governor collaborated with (Tennessee Department of Education) staff prior to taking office, and both he and his new Commissioner are committed to education reform, the transition to new leadership was not seamless,” the report states.

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Education Commish: Less Paperwork, More ‘Ambitious Achievement Goals’

Tennessee Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman says his department must go from double-checking paperwork to being more pro-active, according to WPLN.
The new commissioner says his own state Department of Education for too long has been a “compliance” organization.
“Too much of our work over time has been helping schools and districts fill out forms, or even worse, on occasion making them fill out forms.” Instead, Huffman says, the department needs to help local schools set “ambitious student achievement goals” and set up ways for those school systems to measure the outcomes.
He says that doesn’t mean micro-managing local schools.
“I think what we need to do are create the conditions on the ground for innovation. Where possible, stay out of the way. Incent and encourage new ideas and new thinking on the ground, in schools.” Huffman came to the Haslam administration after being a public affairs executive at”Teach for America.”