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TN Expands Operations in Four Foreign Countries

Tennessee is opening four offices abroad in efforts to expand the state’s exports of products and services, which already total $30 billion annually, according to the Tennessean.
Export development offices are being set up in China, Mexico, Germany and the United Kingdom with the goal of increasing the state’s exports by 10 percent — or $3 billion — over the next three years, said Bill Hagerty, commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development.
The initiative will be led by the department’s International Division, and it will be the first time since 1997 that the state has operated offices abroad “solely dedicated to advancing Tennessee exports,” the department said in an announcement.
In picking the four countries for the export initiative, “We basically just ran the math and put them where the largest flow (of Tennessee exports) exists today,” Hagerty said. The office in Germany will serve the entire European Union.

NRC OKs Sending German Radioactive Waste to Oak Ridge

OAK RIDGE – The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved the licenses necessary for EnergySolutions to bring up to 1,000 tons of Germany’s low-level radioactive waste to Oak Ridge for incineration.
A further excerpt from the News Sentinel story:
The ashes and any leftover products following incineration at EnergySolutions’ Bear Creek processing plant would be returned to Germany, according to information contained in the NRC “memorandum and order” that was issued Monday. An NRC spokesman said the licenses will likely be issued late this week or early next week.
Mark Walker, a spokesman for EnergySolutions, said the company would not discuss the schedule for waste shipments until after the licenses have been issued.
“We appreciate the rigorous and thorough analysis by the NRC,” Walker said. “As always, we will comply with state and federal regulations.”
The NRC rejected multiple requests for a public hearing on EnergySolutions’ applications, ruling that a hearing would not be in the public’s interest or help the commissioners in making a decision. Among those filing requests for a hearing were the Citizens’ Advisory Panel of the Local Oversight Committee in Oak Ridge; the Tennessee Environmental Council; the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance; and Citizens to End Nuclear Dumping in Tennessee.