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GOP Gains Six Seats Each in State House and Senate

Republicans gained six seats each in the state House and Senate Tuesday, giving the party more than the “super majority” they sought in both chambers, according to complete but unofficial election returns.
By controlling two-thirds of the seats in both chambers for the first time since the Reconstruction era, Republicans will have a quorum and could continue in session even if all Democrats walk out. The two-thirds “super majority” also allows united Republicans to suspend normal rules and instantly pass legislation.
Going into the election, Republicans held a 64-34 majority in the state House with one independent and a 20-13 majority in the state Senate. They needed a net gain of two seats in each chamber to have a two-thirds majority – 66 in the 99-member House and 22 in the 33-member Senate.
Instead, they gained six seats – in part because of Republican-controlled redistricting earlier this year that put six Democratic incumbents into three districts.
In the Senate, Republicans also won six seats seats held by Democrats in the 107th General Assembly including defeat of Sen. Tim Barnes, D-Clarksville.
The GOP Senate majority will thus swell to 26 seats in the 108th General Assembly, which convenes in January, The Republicans will hold 70 seats in the House, assuming unofficial returns stand. There were at least three House races decided by fewer than 100 votes.

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