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More Fat Tennesseans Forseen

The number of obese Tennesseans could double by 2030, reports WPLN.
The Annual “F as in Fat” report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Trust For America’s Health looked at data from the last two decades to predict future trends. By the year 2030, the study says more than 63 % of Tennessee residents will be obese. That would make Tennessee the fourth fattest state in the nation.
Jeff Levi is one of the authors of the report. He says the future numbers are based on how many Tennessee children have serious weight issues now.
“You know, this is an estimate of adult obesity. So, 20 years from now, kids who are five years old will be in that adult category. Kids who are 15 years old will be in that adult category.”
Levi says adulthood is when most people start to feel the consequences of obesity, including hypertension and diabetes.
According to the model used in the report, Tennessee could be number two in the nation for diabetes by 2030. Just last week, state officials were touting a slight decrease in the number of Tennesseans who are overweight and obese. However, the drop is mostly due to a change in the method used to track the conditions

TennCare Pays for Gastric Bypass, Won’t Pay Dietitians

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Tennessee is one of the fattest states in the U.S., but TennCare won’t pay for counseling by dietitians. However, it will pay for gastric bypass surgery.
“It’s like saying we’re going to fill your cavities, but we’re not going to ever pay for you to get your teeth cleaned or teach you how to brush your teeth,” dietitian Sarah-Jane Bedwell told Nashville radio station WPLN.
Almost all state Medicaid programs cover bariatric surgery, but only about half pay for services like those Bedwell provides, such as helping people modify their eating habits and going grocery shopping with them.
She charges $75 an hour while the average price of bariatric surgery to TennCare is about $20,000.
To Bedwell, the savings are obvious.
But TennCare Chief Medical Officer Wendy Long said there is no proof that paying for dietitians would save the program money. And she said TennCare is legally required to cover bariatric operations.
And TennCare does pay for dietary counseling by physicians, she said.

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