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Feds Extend Deadline for Health Care Exchange; Haslam Postpones Decision

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Gov. Bill Haslam says he’s taking advantage of an extended deadline the federal government has given states regarding health insurance exchanges.
States had until Friday to inform the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services if they plan to set up their own health insurance markets. But the deadline has been extended to Dec. 14.
Haslam has yet to reach a decision, but the Republican governor says he’s hopeful that in the coming weeks he will receive answers from Washington to questions he has about the exchanges, mainly the amount of flexibility Tennessee would have if it set up its own.
Republican Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey of Blountville told reporters earlier this week that he expects the governor to keep his options open on the state-run exchange

Note: Here’s a statement issued by the governor:
“The deadline for states to respond to the federal government about health insurance exchanges has been extended,” Haslam said.
“We are hopeful in the coming weeks we will receive answers from Washington to the many questions we’ve asked in our effort to have a full picture of the future of exchanges in Tennessee.
“Let me be clear, I oppose the Affordable Care Act. I joined with other Republican governors earlier this year to fight the law. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court upheld a majority of it this summer, including the provision that states are required to either participate in a federal exchange or establish their own.
“I understand there is a lot of passion and uncertainty about the health care law, and I share that frustration. As governor, I believe it is my job to put emotions aside and to make the tough decisions on the serious issues that impact Tennesseans. That is what I’m working hard to do.”

Extended Unemployment Benefit Checks Not Yet in the Mail

The state has restored unemployment benefits for 28,000 Tennesseans who have gone without payments for as long as seven weeks, but they’ll have to wait a few more weeks before they actually see the money, reports The Tennessean.
With the stroke of a pen earlier this week, Gov. Bill Haslam revived an extended benefits program that abruptly stopped making payments in mid-April. The move allows Tennessee to retroactively disburse an estimated $59.9 million, most of it from the federal government.
But state labor officials couldn’t say when the money will start flowing, only that it won’t be immediately.
“It’s still going to take some time for us to complete the (computer) programming necessary” to reinstate the program, said Jeff Hentschel, spokesman for the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

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