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Hog Wars: Could Eradication of Hogs Tie into Abolishing Commission?

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission’s moves to eradicate wild hogs may have added fuel to a smoldering controversy in the Legislature over whether the commission should be transformed or even abolished.
The war on hogs began earlier this year after the Legislature approved a bill changing the legal status of wild pigs from a protected game species to a “nuisance” animal. The commission responded with a proclamation that legalizes multiple new means for killing hogs by landowners while prohibiting traditional hunting of them.
State Rep. John Mark Windle, D-Livingston, says the hunting ban — which includes forbidding use of dogs to chase hogs in most public hunting areas — was “absolutely not” what he had in mind when sponsoring the bill to change hogs’ legal status.
He and some other legislators, particularly in East Tennessee and along the Cumberland Plateau, say they have been swamped with more complaints on the proclamation than on any other subject.
The Tennessee Hunters Alliance, formed recently in large part because of unhappiness over the hog proclamation, has 450 members who have made financial donations and about 6,000 “supporters,” said Patrick Garrison, president of the organization and owner of Caryonah Hunting Lodge, located on about 2,000 acres near Crossville.
“We didn’t have a voice,” says Garrison, who characterizes the commission’s hog rules as “ridiculous.”

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