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The Duncan Collection: Mother Teresa, Wooden Eggs, Flat Irons..

Congressman John J. “Jimmy” Duncan has a collection of political souvenirs. Georgiana Vines has a report:
The past is reflected in political memorabilia collected during a lifetime, including 23½ years in the U.S. House, and items that belonged to his dad, John Duncan Sr., the late Knoxville mayor and congressman.
Books make up a lot of the collection, written by fellow Republicans, Democrats and others. Duncan, 64, has a reputation as a voracious reader and he can tell stories about and from the books.
He also has items from Air Force One; a statue of Mother Teresa from an Albanian president; flat irons from his father’s collection; a white elephant that belonged to the late U.S. Rep. Howard H. Baker Sr.; and 22 wooden eggs from White House Easter egg rolls, although on the day a News Sentinel photographer and reporter visited, only 20 were on a shelf.
“The (five) grandkids play in here. They (the missing eggs) are probably in the curtains,” he said about the office in his home. “This is a lived-in house.”

Crissy Haslam & Easter Eggs

From the governor’s office:
First Lady Crissy Haslam is going to revive the Easter Egg Roll tradition, which was first started by First Lady Martha Sundquist. Sixty five children from the Martha O’Bryan Center will join Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam and Mrs. Haslam at the Governor’s Mansion on Monday, April 18 for a morning of Easter activities, reading and arts and crafts.