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School Board Says Union County School Super is Incompetent

Union County Schools Superintendent Wayne Goforth has been charged with six administrative counts of neglecting his duties, reports the News Sentinel.
It is alleged that he is “incompetent to carry out the duties of his office,” according to documents prepared by the Union County school board attorney and given to the Union County school board this week.
At its Oct. 19 meeting, the board voted 4-3 to suspend Goforth for 15 days without pay.
….The charges, none which are criminal-based, allege that Goforth is inefficient to carry out his duties as superintendent and neglected his duty by:
not correctly soliciting bids for items purchased
accumulating unpaid debts
approving expenditures above appropriations approved by the school board
approving and writing checks when there was no money in the bank
misrepresenting the board in a letter that went out to the Union County Commission
“His continued lack of ability to manage finances demonstrates his incompetency to do his job,” according to the charging documents.