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‘Double-Dipping’ a Concern in Rep. Watson Resigning as Sheriff’s Captain

State Rep. Eric Watson resigned from the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office after discussions over inappropriate use of his time, according to the Chattanooga TFP.
The sheriff’s office expressed concern about Watson’s work schedule and how he was balancing duties between the county and the Legislature, sheriff’s spokesman Bob Gault said in a news release.
Watson, R-Cleveland, resigned from his position as a captain at the sheriff’s office Monday.
“Due to his dual role as a deputy and state representative, we stressed the need to avoid even the appearance of improper conduct or ‘double-dipping,'” Gault said.
“We have some deputies who will take part-time assignments from time to time,” Gault said. “They fully understand, however, keeping the peace and serving as a deputy sheriff always comes first.”
The sheriff’s office “with some difficulty” accounted for Watson’s time at the county when he was going back and forth from the Legislature last year, Gault said, but “subsequently there were some issues that in the future would be irreconcilable.”
He didn’t specify what the issues were.
Watson issued a written statement Wednesday before the departmental news release. In it, Watson said he resigned to help his father run the family tire business. His father recently had a “near-fatal accident,” Watson said.
“There is a need for me to join my family, to help operate my father’s business until his full recovery,” Watson said in the statement.
He added that he wasn’t going to resign from the Legislature.