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TN AG now OK with same-sex divorce

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has legalized same-sex marriage, the Tennessee attorney general’s office is no longer contesting the divorce of two men who wed in another state.

On Friday, the office sent a brief to the Tennessee Court of Appeals making clear that it won’t stand in the way of Frederick Michael Borman and Larry Kevin Pyles-Borman getting a divorce.

The couple married in Iowa in 2010. Rockwood attorney Mark Foster, who represents Frederick Michael Borman, said they have been denied a divorce since filing in Roane County in March 2014 because the state didn’t recognize same-sex marriages before last month’s Supreme Court decision.

Harlow Sumerford, a spokesman for Attorney General Herbert Slatery, said in a statement that the filing acknowledges the impact of the Supreme Court’s decision on Tennessee law.

Sen. Hensley accused of hitting ex-wife with car; files bill on divorce with Rep. Hawk

State Sen. Joey Hensley’s ex-wife has obtained an order of protection after contending the Hohenwald Republican hit her twice with his car during a domestic argument, reports WSMV-TV. The senator says Gina Hensley’s allegations in an affidavit are “completely fabricated.”

The Nashville TV station also reports that Sen. Hensley introduced a bill dealing with distribution of property during divorce proceedings. Gina Hensley says the domestic argument came after the senator accused her of taking property that should belong to him.

Gina Hensley also discussed a bill her ex-husband filed eight days prior to the alleged incident, saying a judge may distribute marital property based on who is at fault in a divorce.

“I think it’s very inappropriate,” Gina Hensley said. “I think the legislation has been filed solely due to our divorce.”

Joey Hensley admitted the bill was based on his divorce, but he said he can’t benefit because his divorce is final.

“I just think if someone is at fault, they should not be awarded per se if they’re breaking a marital contract,” he said.

Note: The bill is SB812, filed in the Senate Feb. 11, according to the legislative website. The House companion bill was filed a day later by Rep. David Hawk, R-Greeneville, who was convicted of reckless endangerment in 2013 following an altercation in 2012 with his ex-wife. (Post at the time, HERE.) The measure has not been scheduled for a vote in either chamber.)

The station characterizes the dispute over what happened in the as “a battle of he said, she said that ended with the order of protection forcing the state senator to stay away from his ex-wife.

“They are completely fabricated by my wife,” Joey Hensley said.

“It’s totally true,” Gina Hensley said.

Gina Hensley claims her ex-husband hit her twice with the door of his truck following a domestic argument. She said he accused her of taking personal belongings that weren’t hers.

Joey Hensley said the incident with the truck didn’t happen.

“She was certainly not hit by a vehicle,” he said. “The door did not hit her. Nothing happened.”

But Gina Hensley told the I-Team others saw it happen.

“I have three witnesses that saw the event,” she said. “Their statements are on file at the sheriff’s department.”

A separate story by WSMV-TV has more on the altercation:

According to the order of protection, Hensley’s ex-wife says she is in fear of his anger but had no choice but to call 911 to protect herself and her family.

The order says that on Feb. 18, Hensley’s ex-wife, Gina, said she was moving into her new home in Hohenwald following their divorce when Hensley showed up and claimed she had taken items that did not belong to her.

At some point, she said she was standing by the driver’s side door of Hensley’s car with him behind the wheel.

In the report, Hensley’s ex-wife said, “Joey put his vehicle in reverse and hit me with the door, knocking me (sideways). I yelled out, ‘Stop Joey, you are going to run over me.'”

She claims Hensley then tried to shut the door, hit her again with the door and “Joey then stated he would be back.”

Hensley said it didn’t happen that way.

“She was telling me to leave, so I was trying to leave. She was standing in the open door, and she claimed that the door hit her before I could back out,” he said.

Hensley claims the door did not hit her.

His ex-wife wrote in the order that she called 911 and got the order of protection after, “I had been in fear of Joey’s anger and that his actions would escalate into physical abuse.”

“I’m a good person. I’m a gentle person, never hurt anybody,” Hensley said. “If you read the affidavit, you can see that certainly nothing happened. Certainly not afraid of me. I have three children, we’ve been married 15 years and now are divorced because that’s what my wife chose to do, not what I wanted to do.”

Gordon Ball files for divorce three days after losing U.S. Senate election

Gordon Ball, who lost his bid for U.S. Senate Tuesday, has filed for divorce, reports the News-Sentinel.

The complaint filed in Knox County Chancery Court names his wife of 10 months, Marjorie Happy Hayes Peterson Ball, as the defendant.

“I really don’t have any comment on it,” Ball said when contacted via mobile phone by the News Sentinel. “The campaign was very stressful and we’re getting a divorce.”

On Tuesday Ball, a Democrat, lost his challenge to incumbent U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander, a Republican, by almost a two-to-one margin. Both men are from East Tennessee; Alexander is a former governor from Maryville, Ball is a multimillionaire attorney living in Knoxville.

Ball’s wife, Happy Hayes Ball, was unavailable for comment, but information on her LinkedIn profile showed that she relocated to Ocean Ridge, Fla. in October and was previously in Boynton Beach, Fla.

Both Ocean Ridge and Boynton Beach are in South Florida, more than an eight-hour drive from Destin, the site of a recent dispute over a condominium that Ball sold.

Ball wouldn’t say whether there was any connection to his divorce and the condo dispute.

…His divorce complaint filed Friday cites “irreconcilable differences, inappropriate marital conduct” and “intolerable indignities” as the grounds for divorce.

Ball claims, in his complaint, that his wife has been abusive, spent his money from his business account without permission, and “routinely incurs thousands of dollars a month in charges for items to be paid by Plaintiff Husband, who is the marriage’s sole breadwinner.”

The complaint also claims Ball’s wife threatened to reveal private matters to the public if Ball did not give her money.

Ball also said, in the court papers, that his wife sent “lewd email/text messages” to his ex-wife.

And Ball’s wife apparently played a role in the Florida condo dispute.
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Frist Divorce: Karyn Gets $2.1M Cash, House; Bill Gets 2 Vacation Homes, Buffalo Head

Former U.S. Sen. Bill Frist and his ex-wife Karyn finalized their divorce last week, reports The City Paper, which also reviews court documents laying out the marital dissolution agreement.
Karyn filed for the divorce due to “irreconcilable differences” in November. Documents filed in Davidson County Circuit Court reveal that she will receive a $2.1 million lump sum of cash, along with a split of other assets.
The ex-senator will retain the couples’ vacation homes in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Nantucket, Mass., while Karyn has the option of occupying the “marital residence” on Bowling Avenue for the next five years. Bill, however, must allow his ex-wife access to the Nantucket home for a quarter of the time over the summer months during the next five years. If he gets remarried, he’ll have to provide her comparable alternative housing at the beach.
The former couple will also split assets from the homes, with Bill gets the mounted buffalo head from the Nashville home, among other personal items from his time in the U.S. Senate. Karyn will receive art and furnishings from the homes — and even the bathroom door from the Nantucket home.
They will also divide up various stocks and investments, but financial details were not disclosed in the filing.

See also the Washington Post, which has a number of details. For example, the house is valued at $8 million but legally owned by three trusts set up to benefit the couple’s sons. And there are actually six country club memberships involved in the settlement.

DesJarlais Trial Transcript: Ex-Wife Had 2 Abortions; He Admitted 8 Affairs

By Eric Schelzig, Associated Press
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Republican U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais, who opposes abortion rights, testified during divorce proceedings that he and his former wife made a mutual decision for her to have two abortions, according to divorce transcripts released Thursday.
DesJarlais, who practiced medicine before going to Congress, easily won a second term in Tennessee’s conservative 4th District despite previous revelations that he once urged a patient with whom he was having an affair to get an abortion.
On his campaign website, DesJarlais espoused an anti-abortion position, saying: “All life should be cherished and protected. We are pro-life.”
DesJarlais’ spokesman and campaign manager did not return messages seeking comment.
Court documents from the 2001 divorce trial were released by the state Democratic Party, which had hoped to make them public before the Nov. 6 election. They couldn’t because the 679-page transcript of testimony wasn’t complete. (Note: The transcript is available HERE.)

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DesJarlais: Protecting My Children from ‘Desperate Attacks; Stewart: It’s About a ‘Dirty Politician”

Statement from Congressman Scott DesJarlais on release of transcript from his divorce — previous post HERE — as provided to media via email:
“The sole reason I appeared in Chattanooga today was to protect my children from these desperate attacks being driven by the Tennessee Democratic Party, Lincoln Davis and my ex-wife.
“My opponent and his far-left political allies have done all they can to make this election about everything besides my record in Congress. In fact, it seems that the only opponent that I have ever had to run against is a 14 year old divorce. Despite their efforts, we have remained focused on issues that are important to Tennesseans. Tomorrow’s election results will show that voters are tired of the gutter politics and want someone with a proven track record of fighting to grow jobs, cut spending and pay down our debt.
“It is important to note that these records were never sealed although the media has inaccurately reported otherwise.”

Statement from Eric Stewart campaign, attributed to Campaign Manager Kevin Teets, on the same:
“Congressman DesJarlais is under investigation by the Tennessee Medical Board for sleeping with his own patients, he’s been asked to resign by the Tennessee Conservative Union, and, more importantly he continues to hide from the media and from voters.
“If he’s so proud of his record in Congress, then why has he refused to defend it in front of voters? He’s a do-nothing Congressman and a do-nothing candidate with a history of intimidation, abusing power, and blaming others.
“His campaign continuously throws around labels and blames other people, but only one person slept with his patients, told a patient she needed to go to Atlanta and have an abortion, and had four affairs while still married. That person is Congressman DesJarlais. This isn’t about dirty politics – it’s about a dirty politician. Voters deserve better.”

DesJarlais Divorce Transcript Being Made Public — But Not Before Election Day

By Erik Schelzig, Associated Press
CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — A transcript from Republican U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais’ divorce case is being released although lawyers said the public may not see it before Election Day.
Attorney Gerard Stranch, who represents the Tennessee Democratic Party, and DesJarlais’ attorney, Harvey Cameron, said Monday they reached an agreement to release the transcript after both sides argued the case before Circuit Court Judge Jacqueline Bolton.
Stranch said a short time later that Bolton sided with the DesJarlais camp in withholding the completed part of the transcript until all 600 to 700 pages of the transcript are completed. He said that likely wouldn’t happen before Tuesday.
The impact of an Election Day release isn’t clear. More than 120,000 ballots have already been cast in the 4th District during Tennessee’s 14-day early voting period.

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Judge to Consider Opening DesJarlais Divorce Records

News release from Tennessee Democratic Party:
CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — A Chattanooga judge will hear a motion Monday to unseal records related to the patient-sex scandal that rocked Congressman Scott Desjarlais’ campaign three weeks ago.
Circuit Court Judge Jacqueline Bolton will preside over the hearing 9 a.m. Monday at the Hamilton County Courthouse.
DesJarlais, a Republican doctor, has admitted to having sexual relationships with patients — a blatant violation of his professional code of ethics and state law.
Gerard Stranch, chief legal counsel for the state party, filed a motion Oct. 24 requesting that all documents related to Rep. DesJarlais’ unethical sexual relationships with patients be open for review by the voters in Tennessee’s Fourth Congressional District.
Since then, one patient-mistress has come forward and given details about her sexual relationship with DesJarlais that started while she was a patient in his care. She told The Chattanooga Times Free Press she shared drugs with DesJarlais and that DesJarlais prescribed her drugs on dates.
Party Chairman Chip Forrester said voters deserve to know whether they will be further embarrassed in the future by more revelations from DesJarlais’ unethical past.
“DesJarlais has admitted to having sexual relationships with at least two patients,” Forrester said. “If there are more patient mistresses, more drug abuse and more prescription pad dates, voters deserve to know about it before they make another mistake on Election Day.”
It also appears that certain documents have been removed from the Official Court docket and file, including but not limited to DesJarlais’s ex-wife’s pre-trial brief, the trial transcript and exhibits. The TNDP is also asking the Court to investigate whether this unauthorized removal of official court documents violates any ethical or legal rules.

Democrats Ask Judge to Unseal DesJarlais Divorce Records

News release from Tennessee Democratic Party:
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Tennessee Democratic Party is asking a judge to unseal court records tied to Rep. Scott DesJarlais’ doctor-patient sex scandal.
Gerard Stranch, chief legal counsel for the state party, filed a motion on Wednesday in Marion County Chancery Court requesting that all documents related to Scott DesJarlais’ unethical sexual relationship with his patient be open for review by the voters in Tennessee’s Fourth Congressional District.
“Scott DesJarlais has admitted to at least four extra marital affairs, one of which was with a patient in his care, a clear violation of his professional code of ethics and state law,” Stranch said. “DesJarlais wasn’t honest with us the first time he ran for office, and there’s no other way to know what else he’s hiding.”
The TNDP is seeking to unseal records from DesJarlais’ divorce after reports surfaced that Desjarlais, a doctor, had an affair with a patient whom he later pressured to have an abortion.
“Citizens and voters have a right to know whether their congressman has honored the law and his professional code of ethics,” Stranch said. “To avoid further embarrassment to our state, Tennesseans deserve full disclosure before they cast their ballot on November 6th.”
It also appears that certain documents have been removed from the Official Court docket and file, including but not limited to Desjarlais’s ex-wife’s pre-trial brief, the trial transcript and exhibits. The TNDP is also asking the Court to investigate whether this unauthorized removal of official court documents violates any ethical or legal rules.
Chairman Chip Forrester said voters should have all the facts about the candidates before they make their decision.
“We believe the more information that voters have to make their decision the better, and as voters go to the polls, there is no question more in need of an answer than whether or not Scott DesJarlais can be trusted with power,” Forrester said. “In Congress, Rep. DesJarlais recently argued for full disclosure, and, on this point, we happen to agree.”

DesJarlais Today: GOP Stands by Its Man, Haslam Hedges, Alexander Punts to Voters

By Lucas Johnson, Associated Press
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Tennessee Republican Party appears to be standing by a freshman congressman seeking re-election despite the revelations of a recorded conversation in which he urged his mistress to get an abortion.
Adam Nickas, the executive director of the state GOP, said in a statement that the transcript is the same type of “smear campaign” tactics used against Rep. Scott DesJarlais when he ran in the 2010 election, “which voters overwhelmingly rejected.”
Meanwhile, Republican Gov. Bill Haslam told reporters after a speech to an automotive conference that he’s not ready weigh in on whether there should be any consequences for DesJarlais.
“I haven’t talked to the congressman, so it’s probably not appropriate for me to speak until I know a little more on that,” Haslam said.
Republican U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander said he won’t get involved in the matter.
“I don’t go around telling people what to do about issues like that,” Alexander said. “That’s between the congressman and the voters in his district and his opponent.
“I know the voters of his district very well, and they’re perfectly capable of making their own minds up.”

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