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House District 60: Gotto vs. Jernigan

The candidates running for the State House in District 60 agree that creating more jobs and growing the economy are on the minds of voters in their area. But state Rep. Jim Gotto and Metro Councilman Darren Jernigan part ways on how to make any of that happen, according to The Tennessean.
Gotto, the Republican incumbent, supports loosening restrictions on zoning and cutting red tape to encourage businesses to grow. Jernigan, his Democratic opponent, wants to create jobs by favoring local firms bidding for state and local contracts and offering tax credits for hiring jobless workers.
The men are running to represent the eastern stretches of Davidson County in Hermitage and Old Hickory.
In an interview, Gotto, 63, touted his record in the legislature of cutting taxes and helping the state balance its budget. “When you put more money in the hands of the people, especially businesses, it helps create jobs,” he said.
Jernigan, 42, said his plan to give Tennessee businesses first crack at state and local contracts will help make sure that money stays in the local economy.