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House District 16: Dunn vs. Moneyhun, a Grateful Green

Green Party candidate Bryan Moneyhun is not given to illusions, reports the News Sentinel. He says he has no real chance to unseat 16th District State Rep. Bill Dunn, Republican.
But Moneyhun, 56, feels he has already achieved a political goal by just being on the ballot, because of the exposure that will give to his party and its environment-driven ideas.
“I’m not here to bad-mouth Mr. Dunn, he is a fine man and the folks in the 16th would love to see him go back in,” Moneyhun said. “But I often hear people say, ‘Everything is in the hands of the two major parties, and I wish another party would come along with someone else to vote for.’ Well — here we are. My No. 1 issue is simply that the political process should not be monopolized by the two majority parties.”
Dunn, 51, is a veteran and effective legislator. He chairs the House Calendar and Rules Committee, through which every bill must go, and sits on the education, and state and local government committees. He is one of the state’s strongest conservatives, is active in Tennessee Right to Life, and has been named legislator of the year by the Tennessee Conservative Union.