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Corker: ‘I Fear the Federal Government is Going to Destroy TVA’

U.S. Sen. Bob Corker said Wednesday TVA could be destroyed if it remains under the federal government control and suggested that the region’s governors could be better overseers of the agency providing electricity to 9 million people in seven states.
“On most days in Washington, I fear the federal government is going to destroy TVA,” Corker told reporters following a speech to the Nashville Chamber of Commerce.
The senator has previously expressed concern about the lack of corporate executive experience on the TVA board of directors, saying its “entire governance structure” needs to be reviewed. On Wednesday, he elaborated on some possible ways of restructuring while stressing “I’m not proposing anything” at this point.

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Police Can’t Destroy Guns, But Some Don’t Want to Sell Them Either

It’s now illegal for police in Tennessee to destroy guns they seize, thanks to legislation that became law last year, reports The Tennessean. But some police don’t want to sell them,, either… so they’re stockpiling seized weapons.
Some states, such as Kentucky, have been auctioning such firearms for years, bringing in an estimated half-million dollars a year. But instead, most police departments in the Nashville area hoard the guns, unwilling to sell them to the public, to the dismay of some legislators.
“Guns don’t pull their own trigger,” said state Sen. Stacey Campfield, R-Knoxville, who sponsored a stalled bill in the last legislative session to force authorities to sell seized weapons to the public. “There’s nothing wrong with them, they’re functional. This would just put it in law-abiding people’s hands.”
Though his bill failed, Campfield said it “most definitely” will be pushed during the next session. (Note: It’s SB402, never put to a vote this year and sponsored in the House by Speaker Pro Tempore Judd Matheny, R-Tullahoma.)
That prospect worries Jacci McGee-Russell. Her son, Marcus, 19, was shot and killed in 2008 during a robbery at a gas station where he worked.
“You’re putting back on the street guns that may have killed somebody,” she said. “Whether the crime has been solved or not, I think they should be destroyed. There are too many guns available to potential criminals.”
At stake are thousands of firearms used in crimes, millions of dollars in possible revenue and an unusual tension between lawmakers — some of whom are usually allies to law enforcement — and police.
“It is this police department’s firm position that guns used in the commission of crime should not be returned to the streets through auction or other means where they stand the chance of again falling into the hands of criminals,” said Don Aaron, spokesman for Metro police.