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Senate Candidate Wish Lists: Repealing Regs, More Tort Curbs, Impeaching Obama

The News Sentinel has a Sunday article on the three Republican women running for the state Senate District 6 seat -Victoria DeFreese, Becky Duncan Massey and Marilyn Roddy, Here’s an excerpt I thought interesting:
Each candidate was asked if she could introduce and be assured of passage of just one piece of legislation to benefit the state’s economy and create jobs, what that legislation would be.
Said Massey: “My law would be that for every new regulation that a state department creates, they must then eliminate two existing regulations. The No. 1 thing that (business owners) are telling me is that compliance with excessive regulation is choking them, and costing money that could instead be used to develop new jobs and improve the infrastructure of their business.”
Said Roddy: “If it has to be just one, it would be ‘loser pays’ tort reform. Last year, the Legislature passed limits on liability, and this would work hand in glove with improving the economy and job growth in our state.”
DeFreese: “Because the federal government manages the macro-economy and that impacts all states, if I could introduce one piece of legislation that would be ensured passage, I would suggest a resolution calling for the impeachment of President Obama. If we could join with other states and pursue that, that is what I would like to do.”

Note: Reporter Jim Balloch also has two sidebars on the 6th District Senate race, one on candidate views on issues that the winner may face in the Legislature; the other on their fundraising (Massey leads there).

On the Senate District 6 Candidates (and a bit of creationism)

Metro Pulse has a report today on the four women running to replace Jamie Woodson in the state Senate District 6 seat. In an overview piece, there are short profiles on the candidates with each given a label in the headline: Becky Duncan Massey, “the legacy;” Marilyn Roddy, “the thinker:” Victoria DeFreese, “the outsider;” and Gloria Johnson, “the carpetbagging Democrat.”
Massey, Roddy and DeFreese square off in a Republican primary Sept. 27. Johnson is assured of the Demcoratic nomination, meaning she’ll face the GOP primary winner in Novwember.
There’s a separate Q&A piece, wherein the candidates answer questions on issues.
As an interesting example, they were asked about Rep. Bill Dunn’s bill to protect from discipline teachers who promote alternatives to scientific theories — as in creationism as an alternative to evolution.
None of the Republican candidates had ever heard of the bill, which passed the House last session and will be before the Senate next year. But two – Massey and DeFreese – volunteered that they support teaching creationism in schools , which would be going a lot further than Dunn’s bill goes in promoting creationism. Roddy dodged a direct answer on whether she would vote for the bill, even after the reporter provided her with the text of the bill and an article on the measure.
Democrat Johnson flatly opposed the measure.

On a Candidate Clash in Senate District 6 Special Election

From a Metro Pulse report on a debate/forum for candidates in the state Senate District 6 special election:
If watching Marilyn Roddy, Becky Duncan Massey, and Victoria DeFreese answer questions last week proved anything, it’s this: Not all Republicans are the same, even if they’re all white middle-aged women.
It wasn’t just the stark contrast in their sartorial choices. Roddy wore a WASP-y pencil skirt and jacket; Massey wore a youthful suit that didn’t quite fit her; and DeFreese wore a frumpy black dress with a nautical-styled collar, the sort of dress last trendy in maybe 1991. But in a way, those fashion decisions set the tone for what was to follow.

There’s a fairly lengthy rundown on the questions and answers, including such topics as legislation involving sexual orientation.
But the issue of the night? Red-light cameras. And if the crowd at the Expo Center was any indication of the voters who do actually care about this campaign, it seems poised to become the central issue in the race.
In brief: Both Massey and DeFreese are opposed to red-light cameras–DeFreese called them a “tax”–and both have even more of a problem with such cameras ticketing people for turning right on red before coming to a complete stop. (Campfield has introduced a number of bills on this issue.) Roddy, however, is not opposed to red-light cameras being placed at certain intersections that law enforcement has designated as needing them due to the number of wrecks that occur there.

Campfield Interviews Senate District 6 Candidates, Posts Videos

State Sen. Stacey Campfield has interviewed three candidates for the state Senate District 6 seat being vacated by Senate Speaker Pro Tempore Jamie Woodson and posted the resulting videos on his blog.
Victoria Defreese, Becky Duncan Massey and Marilyn Roddy – all Republicans – are questioned on multiple state government issues and proposed legislation. There are two videos on each candidate, each video running about 10 minutes.

A Third Woman Enters GOP Primary for Senate District 6 Seat

Former Knox County Commissioner Victoria DeFreese plans to join Knoxville City Councilwoman Marilyn Roddy and Sertoma Center Executive Director Becky Duncan Massey in seeking the Republican nomination for the 6th District state Senate seat in the special election this summer, reports Georgiana Vines.
DeFreese, an educator who just completed a term of teaching sixth grade at Whittle Springs Middle School, served on County Commission for nearly eight months in 2008 as an appointee during the term-limit controversy in which 12 Knox County officeholders left office.
She has been active in the South Doyle Area Homeowners Association. The district is in the south, northeast and west areas of the city and county.
DeFreese said her background in education makes her the “best replacement” for )Sen. Jamie) Woodson, who chaired the Senate Education Committee and worked to reform education during her tenure.
“I am running for the state Senate because I really want to represent those working in the trenches,” DeFreese said. She said she will take advantage of social media to get her message out and will be her own treasurer.
…A movement on Facebook seeks to draft actor David Keith as a Democratic candidate for the Senate seat. While he’s being encouraged on Facebook to run, it isn’t clear if he’s seriously considering it. He did not return a phone call seeking comment.