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TN Public Relations Executive for Romney

Darrell Akins, chairman and partner of the PR firm Akins Crisp Public Strategies (who serrved as state commissioner of personnel when Lamar Alexander was governor), promotes Mitt Romney for president in an Oak Ridger article.
Akins, who met Romney four years ago, said he recently had a discussion with the former governor about the Tennessee Valley Technology Corridor and its efforts to link science and technology assets in Oak Ridge to those in Huntsville, Ala.
“He was drawing comparisons between that and what he did as governor of Massachusetts in linking the technology assets in that state.
“Somebody who has that type of understanding and appreciation of what is important to us here in East Tennessee and the Tennessee Valley …. that’s a great deal of the appeal that I have for him,” Akins explained. “He’s very articulate and well spoken. He’s got a great skill set, I think, to be a terrific president.”