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TN Mental Health Commissioner: Evil Does Exist

From Hank Hayes in Kingsport:
Tennessee Mental Health Commissioner Doug Varney says there are no quick and simple solutions to prevent a repeat of mass murderer Adam Lanza’s actions.
“The vast, vast majority of mentally ill people are not dangerous,” Varney, former president and CEO of Gray, Tenn.-based Frontier Health, said when asked for his take on the Connecticut school shootings.
Killers, Varney pointed out, have more complicated mental health issues.
“Mostly what we do is try to protect vulnerable people as opposed to being concerned about them being dangerous,” Varney explained. “Obviously someone (like Lanza) who does something like this would have to be a disturbed individual. … This isn’t scientific, but evil does exist. People do evil things. There is really no explanation to it other than it is really wrong.
“I would say that the real key is recognizing when someone is displaying odd or aggressive behavior, and approach them whether it is a teacher or counselor or pastor or family member to just go ahead and confront the person and try to get them in to get professional help. … We need to take personal responsibility to deal with people we are concerned about. … We need interventions with individuals as opposed to a broad sweep of things.”

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